There's hope for the lonely in Japan, at least for men, with the new "Delusion Curry for Men" that just hit shelves nationwide. Not only is this instant dinner delicious and easy to make, but it comes with a DVD of an idol who'll eat with you and even feed a spoonful of curry into your lonely mouth. Only on screen, of course...

Not many bachelors in Japan cook for themselves, resorting to eating out or buying already prepared foods at the local market or at a convenience store like 7-Eleven. Every night, millions of single men will pick up cheap microwavable dinners on their way home from work and nuke them at home, where they'll routinely eat and drink cans of beer while sitting in front of a TV or computer screen. Sounds lonely, doesn't it? But now, for those who can't deal with the solitude any longer, a life-changing food product has just been released.

Called Otoko no Mousou Curry, which translates into "Delusion Curry for Men," this instant curry comes with a DVD of swimsuit model Mao Harada pretending to be your girlfriend while you eat dinner with her. Yes, it's almost like a virtual reality of sorts. The lonely man makes his curry and simply watches the DVD. Mao will eat curry with you and even offer you a bite of hers, putting the spoon right up to the camera so you can open your mouth as she feeds you with her love. This supposed mouth-watering DVD comes in three  situational chapters. In the first one, Mao plays your younger girlfriend. The second chapter has Mao playing the risqué next door neighbor type, and in the last chapter, she plays herself, presenting to you a very personal home-cooked meal. 200 grams of this delicious curry and a cute, virtual dinner companion will set lonely guys back by about 1500 yen, or about 13 dollars. 

Whether this delusional dinner will ever be available for lonely ramen, sushi, and pizza lovers remains to be seen.

"I made this curry for you! Open your mouth..."

Campaign is on

"It's not too spicy?" - Mao

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