This sundry shop, run by a little old lady inside a hospital, is one of a kind on the entire island of Taiwan, and perhaps even in the whole world. Old Granny A-Shen is an 86-year old patient with serious dementia, but nurses gave her new life by allowing her to run a shop, which she does so well that she makes a profit.

At the MacKay Memorial Hospital's Danshuei branch, Granny A-Shen comes to her shop everyday promptly. Sitting in her wheelchair, she sells various items such as beverages, instant noodles, candy, slippers, etc. Amazingly, A-Shen has serious dementia and hardly remembers anything, but she is great at remembering the price of every item and runs this shop so well that it made a profit of over NT$5,000 (over US$166) last year.

Five years ago, A-Shen was a volunteer at a Buddhist temple. She fell and fractured her hip bones. While she was at the hospital, she could not remember how to get back to her room whenever she went outside. Doctors tested her and found that she was afflicted with dementia, except in the area of math.

Nurses and aides got together two years ago, bought some old-style sundry items, and opened up "A-Shen's Orange Shop" inside the hospital for her. They even made a sign with an address posted on the wall. They've helped her re-supply the inventory regularly. A-Shen never ran a business before in her life, but she remembers the price of every item in her shop, and she certainly knows how to sell the items accurately. It is said that she once lost a lot of money in stocks a long time ago so she is particularly sensitive about money and numbers.

Ever since Granny A-Shen started running her shop, she has made a profit every month, and her illness has stabilized. She is much happier and all the hospital staff are amazed at her progress. These warmhearted hospital staff members are quite amazing, themselves, for having thought of this great idea to help Granny A-Shen.