Dennis Rodman, the crew of VICE magazine, and the people of North Korea can start singing "You've Got a Friend in Me." The former Chicago Bulls superstar embarked on what has been called a "basketball diplomacy" expedition to North Korea a few days ago, to the surprise of US officials, who had no clue about the trip. They held a basketball exhibition between North Korea's dream team and a team consisting of Moose Weekes, Buckets Blakes and Bull Ballard of the Harlem Globetrotters, and VICE's Ryan Duffy. At the exhibition, Dennis Rodman turned to Kim Jong Un and told him, "You have a friend for life." The game was followed by Dennis Rodman giving a speech, and then a reception at Kim Jong Un's house. Ryan Duffy has invited the Supreme Leader to America for a VICE office tour. Here are some photos that show what "basketball diplomacy" looks like: bb09e569b3570c51c55d252d65eadf4b DPRK's dream team vs the VICE team (with the assistance of Harlem Globetrotters): fc1530fa119123e506e0d915d9d75e5b 16e09346a56d14af6d22fb4ad6bbbfb2 2bca4ddb5c879f29c7ba9487b0467c7d The Worm and the Supreme Leader share a moment during the game: ced5a2aced2e254030084a5d7dd07c34 What do you think of Dennis Rodman's brand of diplomacy? (Source: