Dennis Rodman plans to return to North Korea, bringing with him an all-star team of former NBA players to stage an exhibition game for supreme leader Kim Jong Un's birthday. Referring to him as "the marshall," Rodman told reporters that Kim is "a very good guy" who is just trying to do his job. By contrast, Rodman taunted President Barack Obama at his New York City press conference.

Promising to return to North Korea to help train the North Korean 2016 Olympics team with former Chicago teammates Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone, Rodman wore clothing covered in logos for companies that have sponsored his much-publicized trips. Rodman drowned out reporters who questioned Kim's human rights record. "He has to do his job but he's a very good guy," Rodman said. "If he wanted to bomb anybody in the world, he would have done it."

Rodman also revealed that Kim has a baby daughter, who he held. "For him to open his heart and his mind, to give me his daughter for the first time in history," said Rodman with a cigar in his hand at a news conference today in New York City. "He's my friend." In another interview, Rodman said that the daughter's name is Ju-ae and that Kim is a "good dad." "For him to open his heart and his mind, to give me his daughter for the first time in history," said Rodman, "He's my friend."

Rodman reserved any criticism for United States President Barack Obama. "Why Obama, are you afraid to talk to Dennis Rodman?" he said. "You're not afraid to talk to Beyonce and Jay-Z, why not me? Why not me? I'm pretty important now, right?" Rodman said he may write a book on North Korea's supreme leader, and gave details about his style of "basketball diplomacy." "I said this to him, 'Your grandfather and your father did some bad things, but you are trying to change something,'" Rodman said.

The planned all-star basketball tournament is scheduled to be held in Pyongyang on Jan. 8, 2014, which will be Kim Jong-un's 32nd birthday.