The Korean Ministry of National Defense has determined that Rain and Kim Tae Hee met up on three occasions. The spokesperson for the Ministry said, "While Rain left the base on official business to practice [a new song], he did make personal contact [with Kim Tae Hee].” This personal contact can be regarded as a violation of regulations in addition to the suspicions that he is receiving privileged treatment in the form of holidays and nights away from base. The couple has allegedly gone on numerous dates and now the Ministry has confirmed the three days: November 23rd, December 2nd and December 29th 2012. The meetings took place between 9 and 10pm, when Rain was returning to base after doing editing work in his private studio in Seoul’s Nonhyeon neighborhood. Instead of riding the taxi back, Kim Tae Hee picked him up and dropped him off at the front gate. In addition to that violation, he has not been wearing his uniform hat out in public, which is a mandatory custom of being in the military. But worry not, Bi Rain fans! The spokesperson expressed doubt that the punishment for these transgressions would be severe, suggesting that the singer may have his holiday and off-base sleeping privileges suspended. As an outcome of this scandal, Military authorities have also decided to prepare some special management guidelines for celebrity soldiers who serve on the military’s public relations team: “For now, when a celebrity soldier such as Rain leaves base, he will be accompanied by an officer, and they will have to wrap up their music work and return to base by 10pm. Also, the military public relations director, who manages the public relations team, will have to report the details of their activity each month to the head of the Service and Support Corps.” Rain’s military service is scheduled to be completed on July 10  and he will be taking up these matters with the disciplinary committee sometime next week.
News of Rain and Kim Tae Hee's love affair has netizens swooning. Some argue that he shouldn't have been given special treatment in the first place. Where do you stand on the issue of Rain/Kim Tae Hee vs The Ministry of National Defense?