Hindsight is 20/20. Although Descendants of the Sun has proven itself to be a mega-hit drama and has unleashed a new Hallyu wave, there was a time when it appeared to be destined for failure. What happened?

Before Descendants of the Sun even reached episode 10, its production company happily reported that the smash hit had already broken even from sales and advertising revenue. As DOTS was the first drama produced by the production company NEW, the investors and sponsors who took on risks can definitely sigh with great relief now, but that was not always the case. 

Because the 16-episode drama series was completely pre-produced with filming taking place in many locations, including Greece, the production cost was reportedly a staggering 13 billion won, or over 11.4 million in US dollars! On a per-episode basis, each DOTS episode was calculated to cost around 800 million won, compared to an average 350 million won for a drama of similar length. 

When DOTS was first being presented for broadcast, its huge cost and risky topic, which includes war zone and military elements, didn't make it a popular candidate. Its eventual success has obviously been a shocking surprise, especially to broadcasters who turned it down. 

As we know now, one person's loss is another person's gain. KBS picked up DOTS and is laughing all the way to the bank. The actors, especially the leads Song Joong KiSong Hye GyoJin Goo, and Kim Ji Won are seeing the heightened level of popularity accorded to the most celebrated actors and stars.

For us viewers who are afflicted with DOTS fever, we simply can't understand how anyone could have turned down the drama, and we're thankful for the writers, the production team, and actors who have created such a phenomenal drama for us to enjoy and experience.

Now back to the marathon!


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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~ NancyZdramaland

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