Welcome back, our dear descendants. When last we left our Song birds, they had finally been reunited after many months apart and right away they were thrust into both dangerous and humorous situations. Will their mutual attraction finally bubble up to the surface now that they have been reunited? Or will their core personalities continue to keep them apart? Join Aunnie, Taleena, Wendilynn and Firnlambe as they trek through the uncharted territory right along side our merry band of misfits and discuss what stood out the most to them in the second week of Descendants of the Sun.


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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Taleena: I know y’all talked last week without me, but before we get to the meat of the episode, I just want to put my official Seal of Approval on Song Joong Ki’s military experience. It has given him a maturity of face and bearing that is...nice. Very nice. Looking good Fruit Loops. Looking good.

Aunnie: There is a maturity to his acting that was always there but is certainly more defined now that he's grown up a bit. I'm really enjoying watching him in this drama--and not just because of his pretty face and disarming smile.

Taleena: It’s the same quality that served him well in both Nice Guy and Sungkyungkwan Scandal - as different as both of those dramas were. He does a lot with stillness, containedness. Underneath the charming exterior he exudes deep waters. Now that I think about it, it was in Penny Pinchers too. He makes the silences as telling as the dialogue and what a pleasure it is to have Fruit Loops back on the screen.

Wendilynn: A talent that served him well in his role in Werewolf Boy. You had no trouble understanding him in every scene and he didn’t say a word. I’m thinking of the change his character went through right before the kiss in Ep. 4. He was standing still, joking with her, enjoying her and then his intensity changes into something more sexual and it was only in a few moments when it took place, but you knew he was going to move to kiss her in that moment.

Firnlambe: I agree to everything said . . . sheesh now that we are all back together I feel like this will happen more than once lol "this" being me simply agreeing because there is not much else to say afterwards ^-^ That being said I really love the way our Song Birds have been interacting while abroad. It’s nice to see a couple really solidifying their relationship before they get to the “meat of things” as Taleena previously noted.

Aunnie: I like that there is angst between these two characters, they are very self aware of each other and how different their lives are but they aren't changing who they are as people--just learning to accept one another as they are.

Taleena: I always appreciate dramas where the romantic stakes are genuine and accessible. In this case it is an examination over whether or not their life philosophies are compatible. The situation they find themselves in is a giant learning curve for her. She would never have made an informed choice about who he is and why he thinks as he does without experiencing it for herself. When she broke up with him before, I was glad that she was able to recognize that she didn’t buy into what he was. I particularly like that now she is reassessing and seeing that they are much more of a mind than she thought.

Aunnie: I like the path that they are all on--the doctors I mean. Talk about being taken from their spoiled backgrounds and seeing life as a soldier. This was very clear when the anthem started playing and all the soldiers stood up and faced with the flag in unity, the surprised and almost sheepishness in their face was something I think all civilians feel when faced with that kind of lifestyle.

Wendilynn: It's a reality check. Take the situation with the diplomat. If he died, the Korean government was ready to sell her down the river and make her responsible if he died, despite the fact that nobody wanted to let her to the surgery. They were going to blame her anyway. Then, once Yoo Shi Jin protected her so she could do the surgery, everyone blamed her as if they weren’t going to blame her in the first place. That was a catch-22 they were all in the middle of and only by making the hard choice that he did, were they able to see their way safely through it. She needs to see those kind of choices to understand why he does what he does.

Firnlambe: I like Mo Yeon I really do, but these two episodes made me want to throttle her at times. Mainly because she hasn’t been thinking before she acts--buuuuut that’s just me, I’m sure I’m the odd one out here.

Taleena: I like her. Yes, she is fairly clueless about the gravity of military discipline, but she isn’t a bad egg. She is fearless, convinced of her talent and rightness and while that can bug, she IS talented and right much of the time. Shi Jin likes it anyhow. I must say I am surprised how invested I am in the two main couples and even the quasi 3rd and 4th couples a brewing. I wasn’t sure how much I would like whatshername - who was Rachel in Heirs - but she has really tugged my heartstrings falling in love in a way that makes things tough all over.

Aunnie: oh..my….god, you're right, that IS Rachel! This shocking discovery aside, I am also surprised by how invested I am in both the Myung Ju and Dae Young--and the Nurse & Lug Nut combo that's going on on the side. Again, there is angst but it's not the “hard to watch” kind. There is a great balance happening between all the characters. Btw, can we talk about how great the theme song is…?

Wendilynn: It's pretty good. The OST is outstanding, but back to our couples, I love the dynamics. The story between Myung Joo and Dae Young is deep. He clearly loves her so much yet he knows Daddy General doesn’t approve and so honors her dad in trying to keep his distance. But, just as he hugged her on the tarmac, he clearly loves her so much. I had fun watching how they met, and how they dated. That “make the rumor true” comment had me laughing so much. Such a guy thing to say.

Firnlambe: Ooooh this couple. I really am looking forward to seeing how everything keeps being brought to light. They are almost as intriguing as our Song Birds . . . almost. Though Myung Joo’s father really needs to think about what he is doing. At the rate he is currently going, all I see is him pushing his daughter away and into Dae Young’s reluctant yet waiting arms -- as much as he wants to force them apart instead. Case and point when Myung Joo leaves to go to Urak and then Dae Young gets recalled home.

Taleena: Well, I do think the dad is pushing her away. But I don’t think anything he does will change the feelings involved. In another drama I’d worry that there would be some REAL stupid love triangle or misunderstanding between the two guys, but I will place my trust in the writers. They did such a superb job with friendships in both Gentleman’s Dignity, Heirs, AND Secret Garden, I am confident we will not go to that cliche and cheesy place.

Aunnie: Moving on from couples, let's talk about the obvious bromance from Shi Jin and Dae Young. Talk about polar opposites. One is this charming and suave--yet cute--guy and then the stoic, silent but deadly sweet soldier. I love these two; the banter, the absolute trust in one another--so much so that despite the star-crossed lovers aspect of Dae Young and his lady love, they can joke about how Shi Jin was chosen by the general to be the one who was suppose to end up with Myung Joo (Ju?). Love.Them.

Wendilynn: It helps that they all know Shi Jin has no interest in marrying her to further his career. As for the bromance, the whole platoon is a joy. The thief is now a soldier and they all look out for him like the big brothers they are. They are portraying the closeness and friendships of the platoon well. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind seeing them all running every morning outside my window. Lol

Taleena: OK enough of the fluffy stuff. I have a question slash prediction here.

Aunnie: There she goes again . . .hahaha!


Taleena: Ha. ha. Get those yuks in y’all. Here goes: Muscles McStubble the Baddie arms dealer-

Aunnie: The hot bad guy with the amazing English?

Wendilynn: That’s because he’s american. Lol

Taleena: He’s going to kill or seriously wound someone. Right? This is a 16 episoder. Which means we are going to have one serious conflict not a bunch of dumb little ones. So we have a choice: Fruit Loops, Dae Young, Rachel or Rachel’s younger brother. My money is on Rachel with a close second in Dae Young. Who do you pick?

Firnlambe: Rachel being the General's daughter, yes? My vote is on . . . wait she has a younger brother? How did I miss this . . . anyways, I vote that one of the brother sister combo will bite the dust.

Aunnie: Call me--whatever--but I sure as hell hope so! I don't want anyone to die *sends a silent prayer into the cosmos* but I'm a big believer in kdrama kidnapping, kdrama torture--emotional or physical, Im not discriminate--and downright mind blowing evilness. BRING IT ON DESCENDANTS!!

Wendilynn: This show doesn’t pull any punches, so I expect that we’ll have a lot of realism since we’re dealing with war and gun-running. This won’t be pretty.

//fans self// well that sure was exciting. Tense political relations while saving lives, with magic gold cards that can save you in a pinch as a reward--all with the promise of even more stress and romance based off the previews?!?! What more can our little Drama Club wish for? Do you hope for more drama? Or are you looking forward to some steamy progress between our Song Birds? Let us know in the comment section below and we'll see you all during week 3 of Descendants of the Sun.

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