Welcome, everyone, to the first Drama Club for the popular Descendants of the Sun. We are so excited to be able to review this show that is taking Korea, and the rest of us, by storm (so much so that we all signed up for the Drama Club last fall...just sayin’). Song Joong Ki shows us that his time spent serving his country was put to excellent use and Song Hye Kyo charms as she always does. Join Aunnie, Firnlambe, and I Wendilynn, as we discuss our first impressions of sexy men in army fatigues.


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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Aunnie: Whatever the heck hot studly guy's name is, it escapes me now, probably because Hotty McHotstuff is hot. He could charm the pants off Queen Victoria herself. Thank God the Reigning Matriarch doesn't wear pants anymore. He's like a King Cobra amongst alll the other garden snakes of Korea. And right now, Mr. Casablanca is even outshining the Banana Boa that is Hyun Bin---momentarily.


Firnlambe: Haha I couldn’t agree more. Plus as an added bonus we got both an obligatory work out scene AND a shower scene.

Aunnie: Ladies, we are going to get spoiled if this keeps up!

Wendilynn: I’m dying of laughter over here. I’ve always loved Song Joong Ki, but there is more to him now then just a loveable playboy. There is depth here that adds to his overall manliness and his sex appeal jumped enormously. Doesn’t hurt that his partner in crime, Jin Goo also is damaging to any woman’s hormone levels with his quiet devotion. They really cast this show very well. You have no trouble believing that these guys are as dangerous as they seem to be.


Aunnie: I absolutely love these two leading men. They compliment each other very well--both as actors and as characters. I deeply appreciate Mr. Silent-But-Steady Jin Goo.

Firnlambe: I so thankful that this was the comeback drama SJK decided to return to the small screen with. The production level on just the first 10 minutes made me feel like I was watching a movie instead of a drama, and then to top it off you can tell that each character has very in-depth development to them. Which really shows in the character banter.

Aunnie: I really enjoyed watching the two mains interacting, Song Joon Ki! Ha! I REMEMBERED right before you said it, Song Joon Ki and his leading Madam. It was simple and sweet and she isn't a raging bitch, or a soft spoken lady, she's pretty normal. It's refreshing. I especially love their . . . Actually I’ll wait til we start talking specifics.


Wendilynn: I don’t know, I kinda like Hotty McHotStuff. lol Yes, Song Hye Kyo is doing a great job. Thank goodness her character, Mo Yeon, is a real person. Although, I don’t blame her for trying to go the rich client/doctor route. Hard work wasn’t paying off for her. It was all about connections and who had them. So she went and got some.

Firnlambe: I absolutely loved that, what Mo Yeon considered at the time be her greatest moment of shame, turned out to be the break she needed to pull some stability into her career. She really does deserve it. Plus as an added bonus she got the Professor position anyway due to the floozy’s incompetence.

Aunnie: Okay, back to what I was going to say earlier--I really liked how they have built her character. But especially how they've built her character with him: Doctor vs. Soldier--both putting lives above others but just very different lines drawn in the sand. I very much appreciated the way they said goodbye at the Coffee shop. Neither really wanting to end this would-be relationship but clearly realizing their differences and choosing the less painful route. Too bad fate didn’t want to play along.

Wendilynn: That was a bit of irony. That girl used her connections to get the professorship and tossed away the TV gig. THEN later, she tries to belittle Mo Yeon out of jealousy and spite. Served her right, I thought. But, with the fame, comes bootlickers trying to cash in on it or take advantage of it. The petty CEO for instance.

Aunnie: God, he was awful! Just….when he said “Why don't you take a shower….” I was like “Whhaaat...did he just say? Is that….did he just….oh please beat him up!” and she did, it was great!

Firnlambe: Ugh . . . that man is so ridiculous. The only plus side to his pettiness, is that it brings Mo Yeon and Shin Jin together again. Aaaannnnnnnd I may be excited that Onew’s character, Chi Hoon,was brought along for the ride too--maybe //shifty eyes//


Aunnie: *pants*pants* I can’t even….his SMILE!! *disintegrates into fangirl chaos*

Wendilynn: Shawols unite! I love that Onew is his adorable, very clumsy self in this one. Losing that ring. So funny. The cast of characters are fun, like the doctor and nurse who really need to just admit they have been in love with each other for 20 years.

Firnlambe: Since we are on the topic of nurses . . . was anyone else EXTREMELY annoyed that the one nurse tasked with keeping track of people was incompetent and unable to watch her patient’s properly. I mean yes, that was what brought our OTP together, but damn was I annoyed at the process of it all. How do you lose someone twice within the span of a few minutes.

Wendilynn: yeah, she seemed really incompetent. But then, they let that kid run off pretty easily anyway. I like the dynamics of the different relationships. Between our two soldiers. Between the kid. Between our two Song birds. (hehe) Even the dynamic with the general’s daughter.


Aunnie: Not even gonna lie, I can't wait for that storyline to progress! GIVE ME ALL THE MELODRAMAS--GIVE ME PAIN--GIVE ME*dodges book from Firnlambe*YA! You got Oh My Venus, I get this!

Firnlambe: //brushed hands after chucking the book// HA! Song Birds . . . Like I said character relations in this drama are at a very high caliber. I just hope they stay strong throughout the duration of the show, I’m assuming they will since I’ve read that this show has broken ratings records everywhere, but still. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching the choreographed fight scenes. Death by wallet anyone?


Wendilynn: The soldiers fighting between themselves was interesting. I get testing each other, but the accents keep making me smile. Hard to pull off american jarhead with an accent that gives your words just a touch of formality. Lol But, I’m enjoying the military aspects. There is an honesty here that I appreciate. Its very real. And I found it interesting how Mo Yeon had such a problem with the idea that the boy she had a crush on was a soldier.

Aunnie: Actually, that was one of my reigning thoughts during the coffee shop scene. Regardless of the two very different cultures, it seems soldiers words and thought processes seem to relatively close. And I definitely sympathized with Mo Yeon and was glad she was being honest with herself. Personally, I appreciate soldier’s sacrifice but I know myself well enough to know I could never be with one. It takes a certain strength that some people just don't have. It doesn't mean that I am ashamed of what they are doing--and I don't think she is either. But she took an oath, the same as he did--one oath protects all lives and one protects some lives.


Firnlambe: Curse you and your damned logic Aunnie. It did annoyed me though, probably more than it should have, but still. How can you hate on someone that is putting their life on the line to protect you and every other citizen? I just can’t comprehend that line of thinking. Ok so you “disagree” with the core of what they need to do in order to protect, but let's be real here. If they didn’t do what they do, your pretty little hospital life could be VASTLY different. //steps off soapbox//

Wendilynn: Well, it's hard to want to lose your heart to someone who could be killed in the line of duty.

Aunnie: That's the kind of strength I'm referring too.

Firnlambe: But that didn’t seem to be her biggest issue . . . it seemed like she had more of a problem with him taking lives instead of him being in danger.

Wendilynn: yeah, that was her problem. Of course, when your guy gets picked up by a military helicopter off the roof of your hospital within minutes of being called in, you should figure out that he’s not just any normal soldier. Even if he still has that adorably killer wink and charm he possessed before going into the military.

Firnlambe: Truth . . . but love, even if it’s not known to be that yet, turns a blind eye I suppose.

Wendilynn: He truly seemed to be heartbroken when she broke it off. That last scene of episode two where he walks off the helicopter, like a stud, to address the stranded doctors and ignores her, was an interesting scene.

Aunnie: and yes...those aviators...Hotty Mchotstuff. Campbell’s had it right. Mhmmm...mhmmm...good.


Firnlambe: Sad that KwangSoo didn't even get an honorable mention. Lol


We didn't forget you Kwang Soo.  lol 

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