Our doctors are back from their adventures in Uruk and they have been changed forever. At least they now don’t flinch at seeing gunshot wounds. Just when they thought it would be quiet, life decides to throw a national security incident at them. Will our songbirds ever get a chance to watch that movie? Join Firnlambe, Aunnie and I, Wendilynn, as we ponder gunshot wounds and future retirements in Descendants of the Sun.


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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Aunnie: All I can say is that I'm sincerely glad that they didn't do the whole “let's make the end sickeningly sweet where its chocolates and rainbows and... **vomit**”

Wendilynn: I don’t know, between Chi Hoon’s blushing sweetness at the idea of his baby coming (and abstaining from relations with his wife) and the silliness in the restaurant between our two couples, I think it had plenty of moments to give us cavities. Lol

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Firnlambe: they did a lot to even out the sickening sweet and intense drama….but the show isn’t over yet so now I’m confused on what the writers are wanting to do. It’s almost like we have three endings instead of just one, and I’m not sure how I feel about that

Wendilynn: Well, considering they are talking about a season 2 for this show, I don’t think we’re going to get closure. However, I liked where the show went in these two episodes. Can we give a shout out to our North Korean Warrior? The commentary on national pride and honor pulled at my heartstrings. I totally cried when they finally caught Capt. Choi and our wounded warrior ate that potential death snack. That really was hard for me to watch.


Firnlambe: Wait . . . there’s talks about creating a season 2? Where did this information come from.

Aunnie: I don't know how I feel about a possible season 2 considering that none of the characters we've fallen in love with these past weeks will be in it. I mean, I'd still watch it but…..no one can beat SJK

Wendilynn: Just info you pick up reading news articles, but, that’s not pertinent to our story right now. SJK really charmed in these two episodes. He was so flipping amazing being a sniper and taking on that van of mercenaries. Did you see him shoot the gun while sliding over a moving car? Oh my gosh… *fans self* Of course, points get taken away scaring your girlfriend to death while she brings you back to life.


Aunnie: pretty sure any action scene he's ever been is, he's owned with a mastery that most people only dream of. *sigh*

Firnlambe: TRUTH!!! //ahem// I meeeeean . . . shame on you SJK. how dare you make us go through all of that fangirl-itis. Don’t you know that is an extremely contagious disease?! That being said, I really did like how, even though you knew the drama wouldn’t last long, we were still kept on our toes the entire time.

Wendilynn: I want to knock Dae Young upside the head though. I swear, those two are perfect for each other. They are both so boneheaded prideful that they don’t know to talk to each other before making decisions. Dae Young will need to wise up on that if he’s going to make things work with Myeong Joo.


Aunnie: yeah, not gonna lie, I love these two but I want to scream “Figure it out already!” when they are on screen. So stubborn, both of them!!

Firnlambe: Well I would say at least one couple has to be, but then--our 3rd couple is just as stubborn. Our witty Doctor and stubborn Nurse are both just as, if not more, stubborn that Dae Young and Myeong Joo. I almost would edge towards more, considering they’ve known each other longer. That couple is one I would like to see have a solid happy ending for by the end of things.


Wendilynn: The Doctor and his nurse? They were cute now that they are admitting that they actually like each other. Although, we all know they love each other deeply. He paid for her sister’s tuition, for goodness sake. Hello?!!

Aunnie: I love those two and their antics. I loved how he figured out the cure to the disease and she got all emotional when he was ok and then his running scene with the soldiers……...i love everything about them!

Wendilynn: Can I just say I laughed when Yoo Ah In showed up in his cameo at the bank to deny Mo Yeon her loan for her own hospital. That meant she had to go beg to the Mr Han, the scummy CEO for her job back. And he still thinks he’s better than her soldier boyfriend. That boy needs a serious reality check. Lol


Firnlambe: I was quite annoyed with Scummy CEO but I was greatly pleased when Shi Jin was in the elevator with him. The way he calmly just pointed out that he was the boyfriend they were trying to identify and then as the topping on the cake, he placed that subtle threat.

Wendilynn: That was a fantastic scene. Totally did not go how I expected it to go. CEO Han was so out of his league it wasn’t even funny, yet it was funny because he had no clue he was. I just really loved that final scene of 14. Where our songbirds finally get to watch a movie and then they fall asleep in each other's arms. No ER runs, no more calls from the department store. Just snuggle time together. I loved it. 

We're coming up on the last two episodes.  What surprises are in store and will our couples ever get this dating thing figured out? 

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