We discover the history of Agus the Arms Dealer, Shi Jin and Dae Young contemplate the hopelessness of their love lives, and the medical team works with the army to deal with a major earthquake. Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, Aunnie and Taleena as we talk this week’s Descendants of the Sun.


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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Taleena: You know it’s serious when a Korean woman deliberately knocks the heels off her shoes.

Wendilynn: The shoes were just getting in the way. Although, I thought it was really sweet of that worker to give her his shoes so she could continue to help others. That was such a thoughtful moment.

Taleena: Yeah that was great. Such a little touch that precipitated Kdrama Trope #342 - Tieing your crush’s shoes. /However/, I am not going to nit pick too bad, because they haven’t been super trope-y. Or at least not in a way that has broken the story flow by making me roll my eyes.

Aunnie: I could not have been prouder of the writers and the actress for taking those damn heels off. Kudos to the writers. I have so much to talk about these episodes….talk about the character growth!!!

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Firnlambe: From Onew’s character development (not to mention his impressive acting when being “serious” and not just fun), to the little touch of the worker giving Mo Yeon their shoes . . . .the whole of episode 6 just left me in messy tears.

Aunnie: Episode 6 is easily my favorite thus far. As bad as this may sound, the best part of the episode for me is when they all get to the power plant and just the chaos--BEFORE YOU BURN ME ALIVE, LET ME EXPLAIN--I liked that moment because it was the first time since arriving in Urk, things got real and they got real, real fast. It was the first time the doctors were truly tested and they all had to--for the lack of a better term--man up real friggin' quick. 

Wendilynn: There was a lot of good stuff to enjoy just on an emotional level. Like when the soldiers arrived and the Song birds couldn’t take their eyes off each other as they confirmed that the other person was really okay. To even how our secondary couple needed that confirmation with each other. I agree that Onew was great as the young doctor struggling with his first disaster and losing a patient on the field.


Taleena: And by secondary couple do you mean Lt. Love and Dae Young?, Or Doctor Drama couple- whom I love. Seriously, they are my favorite couple right now. Maybe it is just because I love that actor, Lee Sung Joon, from Jekyll, Hyde and I, but I want them to be happily ever after in the background. He had a great moment expressing his relief that the lead nurse was OK and another slapping adulthood into Onew.

Firnlambe: I think at this point we have at least 4 couples lol

Aunnie: And let’s all admit that we are equally invested in all of them . . .Obviously, none more than the song birds, but I definitely car how all of the couples turn out in this drama which is refreshing since lately...some couples just haven't been as entertaining to watch--at least from my perspective. 

Taleena: Well, we had some major developments outside the earthquake and the romances too. I really want to talk about Muscles McStubble. It is interesting to see Shi Jin, who doesn’t profess to a traditional definition of patriotism (legacy of a military family tradition? You either get cynical, accept the flawed-ness of government but the nobility of purpose, or become blinded to criticism altogether), being hurt by the mercenary nature of the man he pushed to save - at the expense of a fellow soldier.

Aunnie: once again, Im reminded of the infamous batman quote, “...live long enough to see yourself become the bad guy.” (will edit later)

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Wendilynn: Oh, finding out that the soldier whose saving cost the life of his mentor was a bitter pill to swallow. I was so furious because Agus could have cared less. Although, he was willing to not kill Shi Jin right away, so maybe that’s something. But, he’s clearly a scoundrel of the first order. Slimy all the way. Which has me excited because I like good bad guys. Ones that make you question just how dark they can go. Like in King2Hearts or Scholar Who Walks the Night. Both had bad guys that you knew could go to hell and give satan advice. I see Agus as this type of bad guy.

Firnlambe: Which is extremely unfortunate in my book, cuz I’m hoping that deep down he turns around. Even if I’m fairly certain that WON’T happen.

Aunnie: I think his betrayal of his country and fellow soldiers (American and Non-American) would be very hard to overcome at this point. And there is no worse bad guy than one that was good in the beginning.

Taleena: Yeah, I am pretty sure the arms dealer has embraced his inner baddie to the fullest and only didn’t kill Shi Jin as a “now we’re even” sort of deal. Honor among baddies? Or former goodies turned baddies? Or maybe a twisted comradeship?

Wendilynn: What about Daniel and his wife? Clearly Daniel walks the line between honest and not honest. Although, I felt sorry for him about his car. That was a crazy way to save someone’s life. It worked though.


Firnlambe: I was screaming at Mo Yeon during that entire scene. I mean, come on lady!!! If you had jumped out of the car right after you stopped would most likely work out in your favor. It wasn’t so far over the edge at that time so, hypothetically of course, she should have just ended up on the edge. And don’t even get me started on the nurse who continues to lose her patients. I think I was screaming in frustration during episode 5 and then crying throughout episode 6.

Aunnie: For once, we are in agreement there Firn. I tolerate her because she's barely in any scene but I find her...I can't stand her. Like….at all. She's whiny, she's trying to be cute in a profession--in a country--where cuteness will get you killed (metaphorically speaking....well, kind of). Why did she get picked to go on this “mission”??

Taleena: I liked it when Mo Yeon was weeping and leaving a final message to her mom - it was more realistic than a daring leap from the car. But, back to Daniel the Wonder Mechanic, unless they to a super doublecross, I think that Daniel is set up on the side of the angels, because he has child sponsorship packets ready to hand out. Daniel is the one man A Team. I feel like he will be helping Shi Jin out with McStubble in the near future. I saw HEAVY foreshadowing with Shi Jin’s dad mentioning the “more honorable to go to jail” line.

Wendilynn: The story there will be interesting to watch. While Daniel looks like a great guy, there is just enough connection with Agus, from what we’ve seen so far, to make me wonder. However, it also seems that Daniel is a doctor, too. Did you catch that about him looking sexy with a scalpel?


Firnlambe: Or, as he also happened to mention, with a wrench lol. The man looks good no matter what profession he’s taken up at the time. I just hope nothing happened to his wife during the earthquake. She was out in the open at the time wasn’t she? It would be very unfortunate if she is hurt somewhere.

Taleena: In my brain she totally fell off the cliff she was flower picking on until it shows her OK. (A: And suddenly I'm reminded of a couple I could care less about, haha, but continue...) Of course, that just could be my fear of heights talking, but I’m feeling like we are going to get at least one cliff death and one mine field death before this show is done. And while Daniel may have a connection to Agus, I still think that she is a goodie and not a baddie. And now for something completely different: I think Lt. Love’s dad turned the corner to come around and support Dae Young when he rushed off to make sure that Lt. Love was OK. Furthermore, I now know why he was so adamant about hooking her up with Shi Jin who comes from a military family. Those connections and class cache make him a much better catch than the non-com who was saved out of the gangs.

Aunnie: Ah-ha! The only character I'm annoyed with his Interfering Daddy. Seriously, what is his reasoning for why Dae Young isn't good enough? IF ANYTHING, He's more perfect than Hotty McHotness is because he's ridiculously obedient! Agh, I can't tell what is more annoying, overbearing mother's or interfering father's, I tell ya . . .

Wendilynn: Well, and you have to take into account the prejudice against a nobody background like a kid from the streets. Even though his reputation in training and administration is clearly legendary. But, I love how he clearly loves both Father and Daughter. And it tears him up not be considered good enough by the Dad who he clearly respects so much. But, when push comes to shove and you need to send a man to save your daughter, you send the one who is dependable and loves her to pieces. Of course, he also sent Shi Jin and between those two, he knew his daughter was in safe hands.


Firnlambe: Speaking of training. Who else was roaring when Dae Young got caught “outside”. I was enjoying that entire scene way too much. Though I don’t know if I was enjoying it more because of the situation or just because we got to watch them run at full tilt lol.

Aunnie: I just about died laughing when Shi Jin was like "On three, One" -- "Three!" Seriously, I could probably watch a show with just these two characters, talk about polar opposites but totally complimentary! I love it. 

Taleena: That was another good scene of the comradeship between the two guys. I half expected them to break out into laughter running away from the Boots from Hell Week. Then the transition to quiet contemplation about the seeming hopelessness of their love lives, lightened by the realization that Dae Young has been skinning Shi Jin for cab fare by not splitting the distance between where they drink and where they both live was a fine little humorous note.

Wendilynn: That’s what makes this show work so well. Whether it’s the banter between the soldiers or the doctors, the sense of comradeship is very strong.  

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