Hit drama Descendants of the Sun has surprisingly given rise to the popularity of Korean soldier talk. It's a special style of Korean speaking that, until DOTS Fever, no one outside of the military ever used. Now, people have been curious about how Korean soldiers talk. We've found just the experts to explain how to speak like a Korean soldier.

The friendly members of the Seoul-based Talk To Me In Korean team are on a mission to teach Korean. Lately they've been asked lots of questions about Descendants of the Sun, and they made the following videos to help people understand how Korean soldiers talk. 

It's really fun to watch and learn.

First, Hyunwoo explains the Korean military salute:

Next, Jooyeon explains the unique word endings used by soldiers, and soldiers only:

Wasn't that discussion interesting?

Want to learn more Korean? 

Talk To Me In Korean's website has more than 1,000 lessons online, and they also provide textbooks, workbooks, and video courses. 

Did you know that Korean soldiers have their own talking style before?

Now that you're armed with this powerful new knowledge, you can watch DOTS and understand a lot more when Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo talk to each other and with other soldiers.


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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 ~ NancyZdramaland

(Photo/Image credit: Talk To Me In Korean)