Descendants of the Sun has become such a huge hit that the excitement fans have felt for the drama has been expressed in some very unusual ways. The incidents range from the hilarious, the adorable, to the extreme. Here are some more stories about fans who have been afflicted with DOTS fever!

1. Song Joong Ki is enjoying superstar fame but is also feeling the impact. He recently revealed that his parents' home has become a tourist spot by curious fans. The actor who plays intrepid "Big Boss" Captain Yoo admitted that he almost couldn't stand the thought of such invasion of privacy.

2. KBS, the TV channel that broadcasts DOTS, placed two cutouts for fans to take photos at the lobby. One of them allowed fans to simulate the very romantic scene of Song Joong Ki tying shoe laces for Song Hye Gyo. Unfortunately, that Captain Yoo cutout has gone missing. 

Instead of replacing the romantic Captain Yoo, KBS decided to place another cutout in its place - a tough Captain Yoo. The two cutouts now look like security guards.

3. Cardboard cutouts obviously cannot compare to the real Song Joong Ki. When the hot actor kicked off his Asia fan meeting tour in Seoul, some fans were willing to pay an outrageous amount of 1 million won (or 839 US dollars) from resellers. Do you think it's worth it?

4. Actor Jin Goo has also seen his popularity rise to a surprising high. When he visited China for a special DOTS event, he was surrounded by so many fans that he almost couldn't move. Sergeant Seo Dae Young could have easily escaped from the crowd, but Jin Goo was very happy to sign autographs and take photos with the fans. Reportedly, traffic around the Beijing airport almost descended into chaos because of the popular actor's arrival.

5. Apparently, North Koreans are among the newest DOTS fans, but they are watching the South Korean drama while risking their lives. A North Korean defector recently revealed that people have been secretly downloading and watching the hit drama. We certainly hope these fans will stay discreet and safe.

Have you been hit with DOTS fever too? Have you done anything out of the ordinary because of the drama? xD


Descendants of the Sun

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