Wow, that was fast! Despite having just recently finished airing in both China and Korea, the hit Korean drama Descendants of the Sun will already be getting a Chinese remake, which is causing both excitement and controversy among fans.

According to the production company NEW, China has reserved the rights to produce a remake of the popular drama in the Chinese language and is currently in the early stages of planning. Along with this, other countries involved with the company are also to have their own corresponding remakes in their target language, meaning even more versions for diehard fans to watch. 

However, despite this good news, there is still the matter of casting the roles of Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) and Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Gyo). Both the original actors played these roles amazingly well and have left us with the question of who could possibly fill their shoes. According to one online poll, Chinese fans have voted Hu Ge and Gao Yuan Yuan as the ideal choices for the roles followed by Wallace Huo, Li Yi Feng, and Liu Shi Shi. But will Descendant of the Sun really be the same without the charismatic Song Joong Ki we all know and love? 

There is also a growing concern with how quickly these plans have been developed and how this will affect the popularity of the drama. The series in its entirety was pre-produced with the intention that it would air simultaneously in China and Korea. Therefore, Chinese audiences have already seen the original as it was released, which may lessen the appeal of a remake. The popularity of the series may also decrease as more and more versions of the drama are produced, because even the most dedicated of fans may tire of the story if they view it multiple times in such a short span of time. Which leads us to wonder, is there such thing as too much Descendants of the Sun?

What do you think of these interesting developments? Is it the right time for a remake? Or is it simply too much of a good thing? Let us know in the comments below!


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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