In some countries, the intensity at which people binge-play video games in internet cafes is so great that there have been reports of people going missing for years, people losing fortunes, and people even dying due to their addictions. That's why the following photo you are about to see is so shocking! 

This is the scene at a typical internet cafe—young men completely engrossed in playing video games for hours. 

But video games have a new rival for young men's attention, and it has come in the form of the hit Korean drama Descendants of the Sun! This photo of young men watching the addicting drama in an internet cafe in Malaysia instead of playing their usual video games has been making the rounds on the internet because it is such an unusual site! 

These gamers better be careful, though! Korean dramas are also known to be so addicting that they come with their own heath risks!  

Are you surprised to see these young gamers so focused on a Korean drama? Now we know which drama to use to introduce the men in our lives to K-dramas!

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Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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