Descendants of the Sun started its broadcast with 14% ratings for its first episode and has steadily rose to soar over 30%, presumably with women forming the majority of the devoted fans. No wonder the men in South Korea are feeling the pressure.

According to a recent KBS Entertainment Weekly news report, addicted viewers have said they wish the drama was on air ever day of the week, and the days when Descendants of the Sun is on are now called "Descendant Day," instead of Wednesday and Thursday.

Furthermore, many Korean men have also been cautioned on how to behave when Descendants of the Sun is on air. A prime example is that the wives may become furious if they are spoken to while they are concentrating on watching. 

Great advice!

Perhaps these men could learn from the Vietnamese couple that took photos  dressed like the stars in Descendants of the Sun. Join the fun!

Nevertheless, it may also be important to deliberately interrupt the significant person in your life, so that he or she doesn't end up like  this devoted China fan whose non-stop viewing got her acute glaucoma and she almost losing her eyesight.

Are you able to take your eyes off the screen when you watch  Descendants of the Sun?


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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