This month, Ahn Bo Hyun will head to China for The 19th Shanghai International Film Festival!

The Descendants of the Sun actor's movie, titled Hiya, has been nominated for the 19th SIFF Panorama Korean Film 2! The sexy star plans to do his best to promote his powerful short film. "It's a small movie, but it has a big message. It gives a great deal of comfort," a rep from the Shanghai Film Fest told the media. 

In Hiya, Ahn takes on the role of a bad boy named Lee Jin Sang who is ostracized by his brother (played by Infinite's Hoya). Despite his brother's indifference, he loves him unconditionally. The 19 Shanghai Film Festival runs from June 11 through June 19.

Just in case you forgot, here is a little reminder of just how sexy Ahn looked in DOTS!

Now, imagine how hot he will look on the big screen! That's enough to make you book your flight to Shanghai now, right? It's been a while since we heard from dreamy Sergeant Lim, so it's good to know he's busy advancing his career on the big screen! In addition to securing roles in K-dramas and movies, he is the beloved Cha Kang Woo in the tvN variety program After The Call. He is Jenny's (Girls' Day's Yura) devoted friend and co-worker. Cha may be straightforward, but he is incredibly selfless.

What role would you love to see him take on next?


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