On Thursday, the Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards will take place in Seoul, where Song Hye Gyo and Song Joong ki will both receive presidential commendations. Recognized not only for their performances in Descendants of the Sun, the two stars will also be honored for their immense contributions to Korean culture, both locally and abroad.

Sponsored by the Korean government, the prestigious Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards, now in its seventh year, will take place tomorrow at the National Theater of Korea, where actors, singers, writers, comedians, models and others are awarded commendations by the president for their work and dedication in the world of popular culture and arts. This year, the recipients of the highly-coveted Presidential Award are singer BoA, writer Kim Eun sook, blues musician Lee Jung-sun, comedian Uhm Yong soo, and cartoon artist Lee Hyun jae.

For the two stars of Descendants of the Sun, the award has been a long time coming. Because of Song Hye kyo and Song Joong ki's onscreen chemistry and charisma, the show became a worldwide phenomenon. Millions of viewers around the world not only tuned in to watch their favorite drama, but countless fans gained interest and even learned about Korean culture because of the show. Because of this, a number of set locations for Descendants of the Sun became actual "tourism spots" that were recommended by the Korean government, which recognizes how big of an impact Korean pop culture makes on the country's economy.

If anyone deserves the Presidential Award, it's Song Hye kyo and Song Joong ki. The two of them have literally transformed the entire landscape of Korean entertainment and culture, and how it's perceived around the globe. 



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