A letter placed on a full-page ad from a Chinese mother promising her son that she won't force him to get married anymore has recently become a hot topic. The letter pleads:

Peng (son's name),

You haven't answered our many phone calls.

Maybe this is the only way you'll see our message.

Mom and Dad won't force you to get married anymore.

Please come home for the New Year's.

(signed) Your Loving Mom

The letter is published on the leading Chinese-language paper, Chinese Melbourne Daily, in Melbourne, Australia. The news immediately became a hot topic for discussion among the local Chinese community and then spread across the internet worldwide.

According to the newspaper, this ad was no gimmick. The family lives in Guangzhou, China, and the son went to Australia to study and then stayed there after graduation when he found work. His parents have been urging him to return to China and find a suitable girlfriend to marry. The son has been feeling so pressured that he finally refused to answer their phone calls. The parents became worried and then desperate. Finally, they asked a friend to place this ad.

Actually, young Chinese people in the 20 to 30-something age range are typically heavily pressured to get married, especially when they go home to visit. There have been confirmed cases where some of these young Chinese people even rent a boyfriend or girlfriend for the special occasion. However, singles are delaying their marriages to focus on working and saving money first, causing a conflict with the traditional belief that getting married and having children is the primary responsibility.

Hopefully the son will see the ad and reconcile with his parents. Chinese New Year is coming up on January 31st, and we certainly wish the family the best of luck to be together to celebrate the traditional family reunion holiday.