It’s another round of hilarity from Kim Myung Min as the smart yet bumbling nobleman detective and his streetwise servant. From explosives to foiling a money laundering ring, our hapless duo take on friends and enemies alike to save a little girl. Join Taleena, Firnlambe, and me, Wendilynn, as we talk about the times we laughed ourselves silly and the times our hearts almost broke as we discuss the movie Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island.

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Taleena: Return of the AWESOME mustache! Hooray for fabulous mustaches! I was a bit worried when he had the typical Joseon facial hair for a while.

Wendilynn: I didn’t recognize him at first when he showed up with full gangster beard. I thought Korean men couldn’t get beards that thick. lol

DK facial hair.jpg

Firnlambe: I’m convinced that this man would be able to to work his way into trouble no matter what he does because of his facial hair alone.

Taleena: Aside from sweet, sweet soup strainers though, I am so happy that the sequel was just as wonderful as the first movie. If anyone hasn’t seen the first movie they need to go - GO NOW- and watch it.

Wendilynn: When I first saw that the movie was 2hrs I was excited. I loved the first movie so much that I was thrilled I was going to have 2 hours with our duo. I just wasn’t expecting to have my heartstrings pulled the way they were.

Taleena: Yes. I straight up BAWLED. The music got epic, the rain poured, and my house wasn’t dusty. I own I cried. Dead children. //shudders//

Firnlambe: I must be heartless . . . because, while I did find it extremely sad and tragic they were killing off the children to make all that counterfeit silver, I never cried.


Wendilynn: I was a goner at the river scene when he finds our smart little angel floating in the water with the other children. I really liked that little girl. She was so smart and you could tell that she totally stole K’s heart when she kept begging him to help her find her sister. I found it interesting that this movie decided to take on pedophilia the way they did. And address the issues of selling children into slavery. They showed more than just the condemnation of the practice, but also how a child might not consider their situation any worse than it already was. Especially in those days when most people believed that being poor was because you were bad in some way. That you weren’t worth anything or that your life had any value.


Taleena: The matter of factness at which they address slavery was really interesting. Not to get too political or anything, but I sometimes think that the United States acts as if they had a monopoly on slavery. Yes, it was horrible. Yes, we still deal with the ramifications of our own history with slavery and the civil war we fought. BUT slavery still happens today in every nation on the globe. It’s just that it was out in the open back then, an accepted practice of life.


Firnlambe: Not that I don’t want to continue talking about the important serious stuff . . . . .but I don’t want to continue talking about the important serious stuff lol. I really appreciated that even though they broached such a sensitive topic, they were able to weave in the humor and sass we were expecting going into the movie and, AND they were able to keep in the stupid Joseon inventions. That made my day.

Wendilynn: The “glow in the dark” paint cracked me up. Exactly when did Joseon have black light? lol However, that led to the funniest fight scene I’ve seen in awhile.

Taleena: Detective Kim is MacGuyver meets DaVinci meets Mr. Science meets Sherlock Holmes (now picturing Holmes with a wicked mullet) so I am completely fine with luminescent paint, flashlight, and hang glider making appearances. What made ME laugh was the completely juvenile handprints on strategic portions of her kimono. It was better than the self illuminating fish tank last movie.


Firnlambe: I’m pretty sure that my family thought I had gone crazy with all the laughing I was doing. I had a hard time recovering from both the fight scene and the stealth groping. Those were priceless and I will forever be thankful to whoever decided that needed to be a thing this time around. I was also pleased to see that the “flashlight” made a reappearance.

Taleena: Did anyone call the musician as the baddie thug primo? (side note - everytime he was playing tense background music I died laughing)

DK chopsticks of death.jpg

Wendilynn: I didn’t see him as the big baddie, but I did figure he was an assassin. I admit to being surprised he was our fluorescent assassin, though. When his eyes lit up, I felt that moment of fear hit my guts. I did crack up to see our assassin from the last movie end up as that call boat captain. lol

Taleena: Joseon Uber! (Also great: lazy guard and LAZIER guard. No, don’t get out of the boat dude. It’s all good.)

DK  lazy guards.jpg

Firnlambe: I felt that fear in my gut too Wendilynn. I was not expecting that at all. That and our magistrate, I didn’t foresee him being bad either. He did such a great job playing up that he was such a great friend in the beginning.

Taleena: Well, the magistrate played too stupid for words so my cynical self thought it HAD to be him. I didn’t call the assassin though. The Chopstick of Rapid Death was shocking to me. I didn’t think it was either lady (Fat Gisaeng I LOVE you. I love you snuggling. I love you paying off the brigands to rescue your man. LOVE.).


Wendilynn: That Fat Gisaeng was a riot. She was so funny. There were so many funny characters in this movie. One of the things I like is that people you think are throwaway characters aren’t. I love when movies do that.

Firnlambe: You mean like when the head thug paid for all the children at the end? I definitely went d’awwwww at that . . . then immediately started laughing when they left K to fend for himself.

Taleena: Head Brigand was HARD CORE. I knew it was bad, bad news when he bites a chunk out of arm in the beginning, but dang if that didn’t come back around as a nice resolution. I also liked the woman archer/knife woman. She was amazingly menacing for such a good looking person.


Wendilynn: I have to admit I did not peg her for a women at first. I thought for the longest time it was a guy and had the darndest time trying to find out who “he” was. lol Once I realized she was a girl, I got it figured out. But she was deadly. I never saw a hint of softness about her at all.

Taleena: There are too many beautiful, androgynous K drama actors out there Wendilynn.

Wendilynn: Speaking of androgynous actors, I loved our little vampire nod at the end. Of course, I’m reviewing Orange Marmalade right now, so that little bit cracked me up.

Firnlambe: I loved that end vampire bit as well, particularly when they scrunched up their necks.

DK vampire.jpg

Wendilynn: So ladies, what is your recommendation for our readers on this movie?

Taleena: I give this movie 5 stars. That’s right - FIVE baby. Drag your non drama friends to the couch and sit them down for this one. It had action, pathos, and comedy of all stripes. It’s a gateway movie. It will appeal to just about anyone, and is a fun introduction to the K drama world. I really hope we get the next in the series.

Firnlambe: Is it possible to give more than the suggested ratings? ‘Cuz I totally want to give this at least 7 stars. There’s not much else to say that Taleena didn’t already cover. This is a great movie series to start your friends on.

Wendilynn: Sequels are always iffy and as you can see we can happily confirm that if you liked the first movie, you are going to love the second one too. We had fun with this movie and we hope you will, too.  

How did you enjoy the movie?  What did you remember most about this movie?  What were your favorite scenes?  Also remember to check out the first movie Detective K : Secret of the Virtuous Widow.  You can find our review of that movie HERE

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