A birthday boy got a nice thumbs up from his on-set "boss" last week. Who was this birthday boy? South Korean entertainer Rain, who will soon make his Chinese TV drama debut when Diamond Lover (克拉恋人) premieres later this month.

Diamond Lover began filming episodes back in December 2014 and went into post-production a few months ago. Director Chen Ming Zhang still remembers his time on the set fondly, as evidenced by the post he made on his Weibo on Rain's birthday, June 25.

Chen's full post, translated from Chinese: "There is a really earnest actor. He is not familiar with Chinese, so he memorized all the scripts of his [fellow actors]! He is very touching when he plays a tragic role, very cute when he acts in a comedy. He sings well, and he can dance. It seems he can do everything. This really baffles me! And the most pleasant surprise is... he is super humorous. Every day with the Diamond Lover crew, he made me laugh until all my old skin sagged! He has a wonderful name, it's Rain, as in rain. Today, I want to send him my best wishes... Happy Birthday!"

Aw. The words of a pretty happy director.

Chen also posted some fresh production stills of Rain along with his birthday message to him. And boy, are they pretty. As usual. :) 

The broadcast date of Diamond Lover's first episode in China, July 22, is moving ever closer. And, hopefully, it's moving closer for us too. 

Keep hope alive!

Production images: Chen Ming Zhang 陳銘章導演

Cover image and posters: Sina

Original CH to ENG translation: Heidi Li

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