There are a few surefire signs that tip off those around you to the fact that your life has ultimately been consumed by both K-dramas and Korean culture. Below are 5 habits that every K-drama addict can relate to, and you have to admit that you have at least one of them, right?

1. Bowing

Yep, you literally have become 100% Korean when you end up doing this movement. The full 90 degrees may be extreme, but the slight nodding of the head when you are greeting and thanking someone comes out almost naturally from watching your favorite K-drama characters do it ALL THE TIME. And worst of all, you don't realize it until it's too late, when you close friends ask you "What are you doing?".

2. Aegyo

What, I do that now?! Whether it's to ease someone's growing anger, or when you are out with friends and taking photos, your hidden aegyo just unleashes itself and blows everyone away, literally! People may get it and cringe whilst shriveling away from you, or they may not understand and just look at you weirdly...not surprising if you look like the picture below:

3. Talking to yourself with brief Korean phrases

Using the limitless amount of Korean vocabulary learned from hours of K-dramas, you begin to complete miniature monologues by yourself in public and at home, not caring whether or not anyone is watching you.

Ex. You see a good looking guy/girl across the street and unconsciously wave at them. They see you, smile stiffly and walk away. You turn away saying "Aish, why did I do that, seriously?! Ahhh chongmal!"

4. Eavesdropping on actual Korean conversations

You're stunned! Wow, they are actually talking to each other in fluent Korean! You stand rigidly next to them, hoping to understand and make out what they are saying, regardless of whether or not you actually understand what they are saying. But when you do understand (at least briefly), you then feel a sense of there honestly nothing wrong with me?!

5. Cracking up like a maniac

You can't remember the last time when you were capable of laughing like a 'normal' person. Now, regardless of whether or not the joke was funny or not, you give the full "slapping on the leg and clapping hysterically like a seal" treatment. Not only that, you may even end up mimicking another character's laugh too, with the whole "laughing out of breath" and "my stomach hurts" lines.

So, which other contagious habits have you caught as well? Let me know in the comments down below, and let us all admit our flaws together (I personally tend to embrace the shame of it, but you might think differently.)

Yami Hyunnie is a young blogger who is overly obsessed with Asian Pop Culture, and likes to share this with other fellow netizens on her blogsite Asia Reviewer Maniac. Likewise, she loves to share her undying passion for dramas and anime on DramaFever.