As we all know Heirs star Kim Woo Bin is confirmed to be dating model Yoo Gi Ahn, but did he actually give her a gift that a fan gave to him?! That’s what netizens are apparently freaking out over this week. So ok, there’s an Instagram photo floating around of Yoo Gi Ahn wearing a shirt that cost over $900 by Balmain which was actually given to Kim Woo Bin by a fan.

Usually netizens are known for their extreme (and most of the time ridiculous) viewpoints, but this time I actually think they have a right to be upset. First off, I don’t understand these fangirls buying expensive gifts for people they don’t know. Like you may feel close to them because they’re in HD, but you’re not hanging with these people, having meals with them, having conversations on the phone with them; they don’t even know you exist so please. Also even if you did know them, I’m sure if you’re not dating them you wouldn’t drop a thousand dollars on them so please, PAUSE your life and think about things before you do them.

But ok, this person did spent money on Kim Woo Bin, and according to the reports, like right after the shirt was given to him, there’s Yoo Gi Ahn wearing it. Now if this is true, well then Kim Woo Bin slipped up. Regardless of price whether it's $9.00 or $900.00, someone gave it to him as a token of appreciation and it just comes across as rude to pass it on to someone else. Like if I gave a DramaFever shirt to Kang Min Hyuk and the next day his manager is wearing it; I’d be upset and eat a potato out of sadness just like Joo Won did in Bridal Mask.

What do you think? Do netizens finally have a valid argument and real reason to be annoyed with a celebrity?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE