We were not the only ones surprised by Gary’s sudden marriage announcement on April 5, 2017. Running Man’s Song Ji Hyo or Leessang’s Gill didn’t know a thing about it either!

Gary is known to keep his personal life private. The rapper didn’t tell his manager, stylist, or even close friends about the marriage. He informed his agency only minutes before sharing the news on Instagram.

"It's understandable. It's very Gary," his agency said. “The staff members or even Gill didn’t know.”

Gary’s acquaintance elaborated to Ilgan Sports, “Gary never reveals his private life, but we had no idea he’d hide his wedding. We’re not sure who the bride is. Even his manager or stylist don’t know.”

Song Ji Hyo’s agency shared on her behalf, “(Song Ji Hyo) had no idea. She’s filming a movie in Jeju Island right now.”

Though Gary usually brushes off interview questions on marriage, last February, he answered one with, "I think it's time. I don't have definite plans yet, but I want to meet a good person and marry soon."

It’s understandable that Song Ji Hyo or the other Running Man cast members didn’t know about the marriage. After all, Gary left Running Man months ago and no longer see them weekly. However, Leessang fans were surprised that even Gill didn’t know a thing about Gary’s marriage, which revealed that the two have grown apart.

“Leesang Company has basically closed down,” a source from Dispatch said. “No one works there now. The company still exists though, because they collect royalties.”

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