In the past few days, Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao has come under fire..and ice. The recycling magnate recently held his own version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge where he claimed to have sat in a blue recycling bin full of ice for 30 minutes.

However, many are claiming that the stunt was actually fake, especially since the video of the frozen bath is only nearly 12-minutes, not 30. Chen Guangbiao stated that if anyone could last longer than his alleged 30-minute bath in six days, he would donate one million yuan to the ALS cause.

The 12-minute clip shows the billionaire sitting in the bin while ice gets poured on his head and added to the container. Some netizens have claimed that the ice that was poured on his head isn't real because of the fact that it doesn't seem to sink and melt. Others have said that humans could never last that long in a container full of freezing ice water.

Chen Guangbiao has refuted the claim that the ice was fake and has said that he will show himself eating the ice to verify its authenticity.

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