Anyone who's a fan of IU and/or actress Yoo In Na knows that these two gals are the best of friends, so it's no surprise that the ever-so-attentive (and scary at times) netizens are on to something again! Netizens believe that Yoo In Na knew about IU and Jang Ki Ha's relationship since the beginning!

Back on January 27, 2014, IU was a guest on Yoo In Na's radio broadcast, Yoo In Na's Volume Up. During the broadcast, at around the 28:40 mark (below), when the song "Living the Carefree Life" by Ki Ha and the Faces was requested by a listener, Yoo In Na asked IU to introduce and to sing a verse of the song for the listeners.

IU, caught slightly off-guard, attempted to sing along but stopped and said, "What? Why? It's such a difficult song."

Yoo In Na responded wittily by saying, "Just because. You're a good singer!"

Many netizens believe that Yoo In Na was playfully teasing IU and that she definitely knew of IU and Jang Ki Ha's relationship since it began.

What do you think? Are the netizens correct? Did Yoo In Na know everything? Share your thoughts below!

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