It's hard to imagine the handsome but aloof and serious chaebol heir in Bride of the Century has another side, but actor and Kpop star Lee Hong Ki is known to be adventurous in nail art. His nail art book, Lee Hong Gi Nail Book, is so popular that it now has a Chinese edition, in addition to the Korean and Japanese editions. We also have a fun video on the making of his book.

Lee says he wasn't so sure about using nail colors as a guy a few years ago, and he was even reluctant towards just a single layer of black polish on his nails for a new song's promotion. He was also embarrassed about getting nail care, and only went for nail care if a friend was around. Later, a friend commented that nail art suits his style, so he went to a recommended nail art boutique that finally showed him the beauty of nail art and made him fall in love.

Here's the video on the making of Lee Hong Gi Nail Book:

The details of the book were previously reported by this DramaFever article:

Hong Ki is no stranger to nail art; he actually spends $45,000 a year on it. This hobby of his is to be taken seriously, and he's using this book to show his love and appreciation for the art. Nail Book is available in both Korean and Japanese, and includes 144 pages of Hong Ki's stories and insight on nail art. There's even a limited edition book available only in Korea that includes a box of nail art goodies!