Did you know Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo JIn go way back?! According to Gong Hyo Jin, the Goblin actor, her friend of 10 years, is famously handsome, romantic, and cute when drunk.

Gong Hyo Jin guest-starred on Gong Yoo’s fan meeting in Hong Kong on Monday.

She got on stage in a yellow dress and shared her insights on Gong Yoo’s personality for his fans.

“He’s famously handsome,” Gong Hyo Jin started off her serenade of compliments. “He knows how to care for a woman and is romantic. He’s very frugal and turns cute when he drinks.”

The Goblin actor, embarrassed, closed his ears with his hands, saying, “I can’t listen to this anymore.”

When Gong Hyo Jin revealed, “He’s honest but has a lot of secrets,” Gong Yoo chimed in and said, “That sounds like something women would like.”

“Gong Yoo’s weakness is that he’s shy, and his strength is that he’s a good listener,” his friend continued. “He can’t get close to a lot people, so he feels like a limited edition.”

Gong Hyo Jin and Gong Yoo shared that they’re from the same family that descended from Chinese philosopher Confucius.

Also in the fan meeting, the Goblin actor promised his fans to stage a comeback soon with a new film.

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