Sung Hoon is overseas! 

The My Secret Romance actor landed in Japan a few days ago for his international activities, and he virtually took his fans along for the ride via social media. He notified them of his arrival in the Land of the Rising Sun last week, while snapshots of him tasting delicious food in a mall was shared on his personal Instagram a few days ago. In his photos, he is standing in front of the restaurant he purchased his delightful pastry from. We see him taking a bite and commenting about how yummy it tastes. He seems to be in an indoor mall enjoying his food. If you are currently in Japan and saw a handsome tall stranger dressed like this, mostly likely you ran into Sung Hoon by accident. 

The 34 year-old actor was also in Japan to be apart of the upcoming SBS video game inspired series The Idolmaster KR

In other news, We are all anxious to see him star alongside Secret's Song Ji Eun in My Secret Romance. The OCN romantic comedy, which premieres next Monday (April 17), is about an elite businessman and a nutritionist reconnecting three years after their one night stand. Who isn't ready to see their dynamic on-screen chemistry? According to the teasers, it seems sparks are flying already and it hasn't even premiered yet! 

Are you excited to be spending your weeks with Sung Hoon again? Were you fortunate enough to meet him in Japan recently? 

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Source: Sung Hoon's Instagram 


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