A new Indiegogo campaign is seeking help to produce a television series exploring the lives of groundbreaking Asians.

Iconic Asians with Dina Yuen hopes to reveal the stories behind figures as diverse as Margaret Cho, Oakland mayor Jean Quan, and television chef Martin Yan. Take a look:

According to the show's Indiegogo page, "Iconic Asians with Dina Yuen is a groundbreaking television series that showcases a day in the life of an influential Asian person in a format that combines the best of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and The Oprah Show. Featuring celebrity chefs to global CEOs, politicians, musicians, celebrated athletes and human rights activists, we discover never-before-seen aspects of these Iconic Asians whose life stories inspire us all.

"From discovering how the Berkeley riots brought Oakland Mayor Jean Quan to tears to why bestselling violinist Sarah Chang refuses plastic surgery to how The Hangover villain Ken Jeong segued from real life physician to Hollywood star, I share with you an in-depth look into each of these Iconic Asians' lives and success stories."

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