Can you imagine Descendants of the Sun without Song Joong Ki? The mega hit drama has gained explosive ratings and mesmerized viewers in Korea and other countries. Surprisingly, the director recently revealed that originally the drama didn't have Captain Yoo Shi Jin or even the star Song Joong Ki. Say what?

It turned out that  Descendants of the Sun is based on a story written by Kim Won Seok who won the 2011 Korea Story-Telling Contest. The original leading man was an emergency responder working with Doctors without Borders, a non-governmental organization specializing in international humanitarian aid. Then, in 2014, famous scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook (HeirsSecret Garden) adapted the story and Captain Yoo Shi Jin was born. 

Once it was decided to have the military element, the production team scouted for a suitable leading man. 

Director Lee Eun Bok admitted this shocking revelation during a recent interview, "When we had chosen the lead male role at an initial stage, Song Joong Ki was not an ideal choice." The director and producers were thinking of a more "muscular and tough" type of image for Captain Yoo.

So what changed their mind?

Director Lee explained, "He had just been discharged from his compulsory military service, he was handsome and he loved the script." 

Furthermore, based on the success of the drama, "you can tell now what is attractive to the viewers is not the brawny tough guy style but the straight-forward personality and his quick and nimble actions,” said the director.

It's true that Song Joong Ki used to have a flower-boy image, but not anymore. Check out his abs:

It was certainly fortunate for Song Joong Ki that he got to play the role in what he called "the best screenplay" he had ever seen.

He was also willing to take on the risks. Reportedly, some other top actors had been suggested but many expressed discomfort with the soldier role and also the full pre-production schedule to complete the drama before its broadcast.

We fans feel lucky to have Song Joong Ki, because he has made Alpha Team "Big Boss" Captain Yoo Shi Jin come vividly alive in DOTS.

Can you imagine Descendants of the Sun without Captain Yoo Shi Jin or Song Joong Ki?

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