It has been announced that South Korean disaster film The Tower will officially air this December. The movie depicts the scene after a 108-story twin tower in the middle of Seoul catches fire, very similar to previous natural disaster movies like Tidal Wave and 2012.  The super-luxurious landmark building catches on fire on Christmas Eve when a helicopter that was supposed to sprinkle snow above the building crashes. The filming staff relied on the use of an actual building, and added lots of CGI to replicate the burning inferno happening inside the tower. Although the tower disaster can't compare in scale or grandeur to that of a natural disaster, the compressed space of the tower increases the anxiety and amplifies the scale of damage. It also brings out the touching stories of finding hope among great despair. The Tower has a star studded cast list which includes Seol Kyung Gu, Kim Sang Kyung, Son Ye Jin, Ahn Sung Ki, Cha In Pyo, Song Jae Ho, Kim In Kwon, Kim Sung Woo, Park Chul Min, Lee Han Wie, and many more. The diverse cast will be able to give a more vivid representation of the film and show viewers their despair, heart, and hope in the face of such disasters. And here's the trailer for the movie: (Source: Planned coincidence with 12.12.12, perhaps? The movie is to be screened on 12.19.12 in South Korea.