We know him simply as Jr. He is 20-year-old Park Jin Young, who has seen back-to-back successes in Dream Knight with his GOT7 mates and in My Love Eun Dong playing the adorable young version of Joo Jin Mo. Take a look at these 6 photos from InStyle showing him as a stylish young man. Is he dreaming of his next big project?

In the interview that accompanied the pictorial, Jr. talked about his My Love Eun Dong performance: "It's my fourth time acting, but it was the first work I've done that showed my capabilities. My mom screen-capped all the good comments and showed them to me." 

The young actor said, "I'm glad that the reactions were good, but I'm a bit doubtful and I still don't believe those kinds of evaluations. I was really not good during the audition and script reading, so it was extremely embarrassing."

He explained that he prefers honest criticism instead of just being told he did a good job. He said, "I'd rather listen to something from which I can learn."

For his future projects, he revealed that he may consider a historical drama and would like to play a nobleman who has to overcome adversity in life instead of just being a young rich master.

I like his attitude.

By the way, Jr. got his abbreviated name because his name is the same as JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin Young, but they are not related.

His complete interview and pictorial can be found in InStyle Korea's August issue. 

Watch GOT7's Jr. in My Love Eun Dong:

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