Some of you may have seen Disney and other famous characters that look a little bit, or sometimes a whole lot different, from the originals at amusement parks in China. These characters, for the most part, seem to stay inside the park grounds so as not expose themselves too much to the outside world. But these Vietnamese fake Disney characters are so gangster, they even come out on a popular children's show!

As if to stick their middle fingers up at Disney, this group made up of Donald, Mickey, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger look-a-likes from Vietnam are making themselves visible to the world by appearing on a popular children's show on public television. If you look at them, they actually look like cooler versions of the real ones, with not only a punk attitude, but looks. I'm sure the kids love them because these Vietnamese characters can just tell them, "Hey kids! We're cooler than those idiots!"

With their in-your-face, what-do-we-care attitude, I'm sure the real Mickey and Minnie are just too scared to say or do anything about them.

My favorite show!

What the...

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Donald, I can see your neck.

Winnie and Tigger!

Mickey's an elephant?