If only there was a Studio Ghibli theme park, what a magical world it would be. One man who shares that thought is none other than John Ramirez, a Disney story artist and theme park designer, who, because he's a man of action, went ahead and designed his very own My Neighbor Totoro and Castle in the Sky rides. He hopes that one day Hayao Miyazaki, himself, will approve of his worlds coming to life in the form of Disneyland-like rides. 

John Ramirez is a big-time Disney artist, and he also loves all things Japan. I've written about him before, having introduced artwork in which he took his favorite Disney characters and placed them in photos of ancient Japan. He's still coming up with new creations for that project as well, of which you can find on his Instagram. But now, another idea he seems to be obsessed with is somehow getting Hayao Miyazaki to give permission for not only a Castle in the Sky ride, but a My Neighbor Totoro ride, and John is very serious about all this. Being an actual theme park designer, and having come up with concepts of Disney's most popular rides, John knows exactly what he's doing. As seen in the concept drawings below, the rides are absolutely brilliant, and would be a truly magical experience for any Studio Ghibli fan.

John has actually already been in touch with Miyazaki himself, and has proposed his idea to him regarding having his rides be built by Disney, so that they can become reality. So far, the notoriously stubborn Miyazaki has not shown any interest, but John is not giving up. According to Kotaku.com, John will keep asking until "they bar me from the studio or until he says yes!”

For the sake of Ghibli fans around the world, let's hope that John keeps his dream alive.

Would you like to see these rides be made in real life?


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