Tiara: Thinking about the past can bring good or bad memories. The past is something which helps us become the people we are today. For our characters in Divorce Lawyer in Love, we’ve come to discover how their past shaped their present self. Let’s take a trip down memory lane …

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Tiara: Cheok Hee has a past of a mother giving up her 30% opportunity of recovery for her daughter’s 100% chance at college. Jung Woo was saved by a woman and her candy after a subway crash. These outcomes in their lives help make them the adults, we experience in the present. Jaz and Unnichan, how did you feel about the backstory of our characters?

Unnichan: I loved that this latest episode was titled “Taming of the Shrew” because that is exactly, what we got this week. However, the way they played it, wasn’t about anyone setting out to reign in someone else but more about being open to learning that people have layers. Cheok Hee mellowed out a ton and Jung Woo was able to see there is more to her than her horrific ways. Her past, plays a large part in that. But with that said, I like that it wasn’t hearing about her past that initially got him to calm down in his rage against her. It was just icing and that works for me. The whole Mom situation is sticky because she nor Mom was wrong. It actually made me even more annoyed with her sister, for still acting like a spoiled child, a trillion years later.

Jazmine: I also really enjoyed this episode a lot. I love getting backstory about characters because it helps us understand them more. Cheok Hee’s story made me understand her a lot better. I understand why she’s so tenacious about her methods and why she does everything she can for clients even if it blurs the line. She feels responsible to her mother, and to pay back her sister (to which I feel she owes nothing) she needs to make money so she needs to have clients. Cheok Hee’s backstory made her more human and I think that touched Jung Woo when he found out, which help ease their relationship a lot. Jung Woo’s backstory was so mysterious to me! I desperately want to know more. His fear of subways is of course justified and what a scary incident go through. I also see why Jung Woo is so clear cut about the law, he went through a lot to get that license so he might not want to betray it (the law).

Tiara: I found it interesting the roles switch the drama is playing away. Typically, the guy is the a-hole jerk with a heart of gold. However, the drama is putting Cheok Hee as the “witch” with a heartbreaking tale. The position she finds herself in with her family makes me empathize with her character to the point I no longer dislike her character. It doesn’t justify her actions nor excuse them, but I’m getting to an understand her actions and reasons for doing things. It’s a shame she feels she needs to allow her sister Mi Hee to steal and act like a brat because Mom made a choice. An option which isn’t fair to anyone, but one Mom thought was good and what she wanted to help her daughter’s future.

Unnichan: Nah. A sob story doesn’t change nasty, but what I respect about Cheok Hee is that she said she intended to start anew and she’s doing just that. It took her to almost lose her new beginning to get some “act right” in her but I’m glad we’re moving in that direction. She and Jung Woo really make a great team whenever they put their resources together. His backstory tells us what we knew (with a twist); he was law student that didn’t take the test and it’s a shame there was no way to retest, given the circumstances. What I find worse is that he allowed that one mishap to onset so many insecurities within him for so long.

Jazmine: I agree with you Unnichan...and you too Tiara. The story doesn’t change the nastiness. People come from all terrible walks of life, but that doesn’t make them jerks. However, the more I get to know Cheok Hee the more I like her??? I know that sounds weird, but I weirdly relate to her. I like to think I’m not mean, but Cheok Hee has qualities that we all have. I also think her sister should try to understand more. It bothers me that there has been no reconciliation. Even if Cheok Hee hadn’t taken the money their mother would have died. You’d think her sister would have realized that by now.

Tiara: Cheok Hee is slowly starting to melt her ice queen attitude. Unnichan, you have all nailed the teamwork slowly forming with Jung Woo and Cheok Hee. I was hoping to see the experience Cheok Hee helping Jung Woo and Jung Woo’s kindness to rub off on Cheok Hee to help her remember what it’s like to have a heart. Hence, far, these two are becoming a team in all the good sense of the word.. Jaz, it isn’t weird at all. With each episode, I begin to root for her to take on these new experiences and remember the past and come out at the end of this drama a decent human being. Jung Woo’s tragic accident really messed with him. His fears for the subway system still affect him to this day. However, it seems like his savior didn’t just save him.

Unnichan: Nope, Ms. Mint Drop was very busy. And I wonder if Soo Ah taking on this case has anything to do with Jung Woo or if it’s all a coincidence. I won’t be sad or surprised either way Show decides to play it--- it works not matter what, but if Violinist’s story reminds her of Jung Woo, I think it’ll just be yet another reason to feel terrible for her. For once Jung Woo didn’t make it for the test, their future together was nixed and she will forever be in the “friend basket.” Poor girl. Jung Woo doesn’t feel he measures up to her, while she is tirelessly waiting, wishing and hoping, worried he’s growing feelings for someone else.

Jazmine: I am really interested to find out who Ms. Mint Drop (I really like that name Unnichan!) is. Part of me hopes it isn’t a cliche answer like Cheok Hee, even though I highly doubt it at this point. I really like Soo Ah so far and admire her for staying by Jung Woo and being so supportive. She’s a good friend, and though she is bold in other areas...she’s not so bold with her feelings. I constantly have to urge to yell “say something” whenever she’s alone with Jung Woo. I also think I’m shipping to wrong people together right now. I like Cheok Hee and Min Gyu together, and Jung Woo and Soo Ah together….maybe my mind will change.

Tiara: Ms. Mint Drop will be popping back into the story soon. Jung Woo’s thankfulness and maybe crush have kept him looking for her. Oh, Soo Ah could be a perfect match for Jung Woo. Sadly, she’s not the lead and this isn’t her comedy romance. Friendzone she must remain. Unnichan, you bring up an interesting point. Does Jung Woo not look at her because she’s on a different level or can he not overlook her being his dearest friend from childhood? Such a great female character who appears to have her wits and smarts about her. She clearly is waiting for Jung Woo, but why can’t she just make the first move? Grr…

Unnichan: If I were completely honest, I think it’s because she knows deep down there’s no chance but she’s not ready to accept it. ‘Cause, I definitely think he used to like her but his own issues dwindled those feelings. And perfect match? Erm, I see that more with Sunbae (Min Gyu). She questions and balances him, she’s steady and consistent, plus doesn’t take him too seriously. For now, he gets that scoffing attitude from Cheok Hee and I foresee him burgeoning feelings based on that and the fact she’s so valuable to Daddy. I find their father-son relationship and past (In Jae and Min Gyu) to be intriguing. Min Gyu doesn’t respect his father, mostly because In Jae’s a self-righteous, sycophant and I wonder, when was that moment that caused him to lose respect for his father? In Jae clearly loves his son but his willingness to bend over backwards for the rich, compromising his integrity, has soured their relationship and I’m not even sure he knows it.

Jazmine: Yeah I also think Jung Woo used to like Soo Ah. I’m not sure if he never said anything because he feels their on different levels, but I think that he may feel protective of her and all the while grateful and instead of confessing his feelings he feels that he should watch her from afar. Not only that, but I doubt Soo Ah has ever given the “I wanna more than friends” vibe, so it may be a little awkward to make that next step. Min Gyu is most certainly one of the boldest chaebols I’ve seen in kdramas. Usually, the most chaebols do to piss of their parents is date the girl (or guy) that’s “beneath” them. Min Gyu literally threatened to reveal the dirty laundry on his father’s company which could mean losing everything. It was a subtle threat with some major implications. I also wonder why Min Gyu and his father’s relationship went sour. This drama does good in make you wanting to know everyone’s backstory, not just the main characters.

Tiara: You two could be right about Jung Woo’s emotions towards Soo Ah. I love Min Gyu. His character is absurd and lazy, but there’s something fantastic about him. He’s a chaebol who wants things because they are worth tons of money. I’m digging the twist of the chaebol who saves the poor candy girl. However, Cheok Hee isn’t your typical poor candy as she’s made of steel and willing to work hard for her lot in life. The kinship between these two is fun to follow, but I do find Soo Ah and Min Gyu going back and forth about any number of things making me laugh. Clearly, In Jae did something to break Min Gyu’s trust or care for his father. It does cause me to think Sunbae helped out Cheok Hee, because he knew his father wouldn’t like it. I also think he desires for someone to amuse him and the position would be entertaining.

Unnichan: Min Gyu is the walking, talking, dirty rich embodiment of lackadaisical. And I. LOVE. IT. Sunbae, is intelligent but cares less about anything and everything money can buy. He knows that material things have no absolute value. He’s a very charming character and I like that Show has even made us curious about the pasts characters we are supposed to already have figured out. Mi Ri, for example, has a secret, hiding in her past, which may explain why she betrayed her husband the way she did. And me hopes, it’s the cat’s paw that helps Cheok Hee uncover her and get her license back.

Jazmine: True! There is so much happening outside the bubble of Jung Woo and Cheok Hee’s relationship and it’s so intriguing. I want to know more about Mi Ri too and what her past holds. She has to hiding something big, I mean the way she keeps her composure through all this is a little unsettling but that may just mean she has to keep her cool. There is something going on with DK Electronics too, and of course it’ll be corruption happening somewhere. I can’t wait to how it all ties together.

Tiara: Understandably, there is something about Mi Ri wants to keep concealed. She lied to Cheok Here to obtain a divorce. What was going on in her life for her to ruin her husband by making him hold his own animation? Does the sick child have anything to do with this mystery? Dong Mi, Mi Ri’s ex-sis-in-law has probably been up to no good in the last few years. Here’s a woman who’s become bitter. She wants revenge against those who caused her brother wrong. Jaz, I bet DK Electronics has been in bed with bad people for Dong Mi to obtain her “justice” for the destruction and demise of her dear brother.

Unnichan: Perhaps and this is why I don’t believe this will be our last foray into the past. We’ve got tons of questions and thankfully, we’ve got plenty of time to see some answers to quite a few.

Tiara: What say you all? Do you know who Ms. Mint Drop happens to be? Will Cheok Hee and Jung Woo become a great team? How about our second leads? Will they forever be listed in the Friendzone or is there hope? Let us know below! Until next time, watch more dramas.

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