Tiara: It's the honeymoon phase for Divorce Lawyers in Love. Jung Woo and Cheok Hee spend the next two episodes getting to know one another as well as trying to spend every waking second together. Sunbae accepts his award with declaration of love. Soo Ah gets the courage to confess her feelings (a little too late) while the parents continue to make plans for their children. Come join the debate with Unnichan, Jaz, and me on what a man should be, a wrist or ankle grabber.

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Jazmine: This week we saw a divorce case unlike the previous ones. A man who had relations with multiple women while married. Which donned him the nickname casanova. As Jung Woo and Cheok Hee took on the case there was insightful advice given. Particularly, “you can choose a man who leads by the wrist over one that grabs your ankles”. What did you ladies think of case, that line in particular, and what side of the line do you think the men in our drama fall on?

Tiara: My first thought on Casanova was, when is he moving to meet the truck of doom. However, his wife has some keen insight. I loved the play on the wrist grab. It’s a common usage in dramaland and to be used for a good man was an interesting new way to see our men grabbing at the wrist. I’m no longer going to complain about the wrist grabs since he’s not a man who grabbing the lady’s ankles.

Unnichan: So true. Gan Casanova was such complete scum I was concerned the entire time how anyone (namely his wife and kid) rids their life of that type of unflushable trash. He was definitely an albatross for anyone who came in contact with him and I do believe that would be the most distressing thing in your world if you’d attached your life to someone even remotely like him. Wrist grabbing can be annoying but someone who won’t let you move freely is much worse. I loved that we had that contrast this week. A man that had zero respect or regard for women and one that only thinks of the woman he loves. It was lovely and of course, Jung Woo was absolutely adorable.

Jazmine: I also loved the play on the wrist grab. It was genius really. Even though I still am not a huge fan of the wrist grab, it is better than the ankles. Mr. Casanova was just the worst, I agree with you there Unnichan. I wanted to slap him several times. Even though they’re fictional, I felt bad for the women he had been with and wife. Speaking of Jung Woo, yes he is the most lovely boyfriend ever. I had all the feels these two episodes. Jung Woo is the wrist grab type of guy but I feel he’s so hesitant sometimes around Cheok Hee but I think he’s starting to get more confident with his feelings. Starting with the award dinner and how he stood for her, and even though I wished she could have stood up for herself, it was nice to see.

Tiara: Jung Woo is adorable, but so is Cheok Hee. After they’ve confessed their feelings, they weren’t able to yell out to the universe, but they got to do a fantastic dance in the rain together. As I cited before, they complete each other in the areas they lack. Cheok Hee has guts and Jung Woo has heart. She’s very supportive towards Jung Woo which has helped make him a better lawyer. Cheok Hee doesn’t think outside the box and Jung Woo has helped her looked at the whole picture before rushing in. Their teamwork is fun to watch and keeping the business from becoming bankrupt. For theirs and our sake, I hope there isn’t anything to split them apart. I can’t see Jung Woo’s smile turn into a frown


Unnichan:Jung Woo continues to be a man that is great for anyone woman alive and I loved how drama used their Singing in the Rain moment to clarify what each brings to the table. There’s no doubt most women prefer a wrist man but ultimately it’s about being able to recognize the difference when you see them. I also like how the more we see of Sunbae the more we are privy to that hidden part of himself. He rebels against his father, but only to a degree and that is mainly because at his core, he too desires to be a leader over a grabber. To tell the truth, I won’t be upset if he marries his fiancée but several things in their relationship need to change. She quickly pointed out what she wants from their marriage and why he’s the perfect candidate and it’s great she can see the positive qualities in him, either self-serving politically or personally but it’s her views on their marriage that will be the biggest drawback for Min Gyu. He needs the rules to change (and so do I) in order for them to move forward.

Jazmine: I like Sunbae more and more as the drama continues. His character growth is nothing to be overlooked and it took some major turns these past two episodes. He’s a really good guy and he’s learning how to navigate how he feels. I think he’s a natural born leader he just has to embrace it. Also, yeah his fiancée was a little bit much with her view on marriage. Min Gyu needs someone much better. I hope his situation changes.

Tiara: Poor Sunbae. He’s finally discovered there is more to life than money. He’s a filial son. I don’t see him breaking off the engagement because of what it would mean to his dad. Sunbae may dislike the choices his father makes, but he won’t hurt him. Min Gyu’s speech for the award was a gracious touch to his every growing feelings. I loved his heart sickness and calling the doctor a quack to feeling better in seconds after Cheok Hee showed up. He’s got this depth and humor and I savor the complex his character is formed. Soo Ah on the other hand continues to annoy me and her one sided infatuation. At least, she wasn’t overly shown in the episodes this week, but the choices she makes in life she need to accept it and move on. Crying to Jung Woo’s mother was a punch blow the belt. She can’t force her son's feelings to change nor does giving money to pay for college entitle her to his heart.

Unnichan: I don’t like to turn over tables, but I’m not afraid to tip over one or two when experiencing drama distress and Soo Ah and Mi Hwa Ahjumma may have a couple splinters from what they were up to this last episode. Let me be clear, Soo Ah and her tears mean nothing to me, but to be fair, I don’t mind Momma So being upset about Cheok Hee and Jung Woo’s romance when it comes to what she saw three years ago. Because she’s a mother who loves her son and would never want him hurt, disrespected, used or shunned by anyone and back then, Cheok Hee was downright hateful. But that isn’t the only reason Momma So is upset. Before Law School, she was fine about the romance distance between Jung Woo and Soo Ah because class is a big deal in their culture but now, not only are they both lawyers, Soo Ah is the one that funded it and she loves (I use that word so lightly you can barely see it) him to boot. Momma So definitely believes Jung Woo owes Soo Ah and is already against any other woman Jung Woo may like or love solely because Soo Ah likes him and threw money his way--- And I could never be cool with that.

Jazmine: The high hopes I had for Soo Ah have crashed and burned to ground. I’m hoping she will redeem herself by the end of this drama. I liked her so much in the beginning! I also think that until Jung Woo’s mom actually sits and talks with Cheok Hee there won’t be much ground for understanding. Even so, she did throw soup in Jung Woo’s face. Mom’s probably not too forgiving. Tiara, I agree with you too. Soo Ah feels too entitled to Jung Woo’s feelings. Knowing him for a long time and paying for law school doesn’t mean anything. Is she gonna throw that in his face and expect him to just fall head over heels? Do you think Soo Ah would pull any nasty tricks? We’ve already seen how selfish she can be when it comes to Jung Woo.

Tiara: You are absolutely right Unnichan about a mom wanting to protect her kid. I'm happy she threw the soup because she is trying to defend her son. However, we have parents who imagine they know better for their children. Jung Woo’s mom wants him to marry Soo Ah. Min Gyu’s dad wants him to marry the niece of Madam Ma. To quote Will Smith, "Parents just don’t understand". Nonetheless, Soo Ah gave Jung Woo’s mom the money without taking payment. Both have decided not to tell Jung Woo about the agreement. This will only come back to burn both of them once he finds out. Of course being the gentleman he is, Jung Woo will want to pay back the money to her. I’m not sure if mom will ever come around to liking Cheok Hee. She thinks too highly of Soo Ah and has been thinking Cheok Hee a beast all this time. I hope for her son’s happiness she can put the past behind her and accept her and their relationship. She’s not the same Chucky out to murder people from three years ago.


Unnichan: Most of the time, parents only understand one thing--- what they want for their children. And though Mi Hwa Ahjumma and In Jae Ahjussi have some great sons, they need to take a step back and look at what their children desire and what is in their overall best interest. Is it better to have position and status with distance and divorce in your future? Overall I believe we’re dealing with two parents that actually do care about those things too, even if they wouldn’t readily admit it. Unfortunately, they both have ulterior motives for their partner pushing, where In Jae's is saving face and money, Mi Hwa is Soo Ah's accomplice and I have no kind words to share on that, yet I will say, that the issue I see time and again with Soo Ah is her lack of communication with Jung Woo. I mean you’ve liked him since you were seven, never told him and have the nerve to be upset he’s a grown man with a girlfriend?! Does any of this make sense? All I can do is shake my head, then clench my fist where that girl is concerned. But getting back to wrist over ankle men, any guesses on Purse Girl’s mysterious husband?

Jazmine: It has been my experience in dramaland that parents cause the most strife when it comes to relationships of the main couple. Parents and second leads. I agree with both of you. In Jae and Mom have their children’s best interests at heart but sometimes their own interests blind them. It’s sad and frustrating to watch, but I’m hoping it gets better. As far as Purse Girl’s mysterious husband? I’m not sure.

Tiara: Purse Girl is totally Yoo Sang’s wife. He was in the room “rehearsing” with Mi Ri before Cheok Hee came into the room three years ago. It would make sense she would throw her lover the purse to make his wife happy. I could be wrong at this stage, but the way she said you’ll be surprised made me think it has to be Mi Ri's lover. What did you two think about Cheok Hee having the mint candy which saved Jung Woo? She told him she always carries them since they were her mom’s favorite. Could she be Ms. Mints or could it be Cheok Hee’s sister?

Unnichan: It is him isn’t it?! That’s exactly what I was thinking! And since he’s an ankle man, this information (coupled with more evidence of course) will burst Cheok Hee’s case wide open for so many reasons. It also gives us a chance to find out more about Mi Ri and why she was willing to take the risks she did by cheating in such a powerful family and duping Cheok Hee for divorce. This whole DK Group-building marriage merger annoys me and I believe the truth about Mi Ri will give Sunbae the chance to either make his engagement based on something real and substantial or a way to weasel out of it without having to do very much. I also wonder if this will somehow connect to the Ms. Mint Drop mystery as well, however, I too am beginning to believe that lady is baby sis. I never thought it was Cheok Hee, that was certainly a red herring to reveal Soo Ah’s true motivation and character weakness but, after what we learned about mints being their mother’s favorite candy… well, that solidifies it. I just wonder, what has Sis done to Daddy? Something is definitely up with his Busan business.

Jazmine: Well now that you say something, Purse Girl’s husband could totally be Yoo Sang’s wife. It does make a lot of sense. If it really is him, then that would be a good little twist in the story. The DK marriage merger things also annoys me. It sucks for Sunbae especially and I hope he’ll find a way out of it. As far as Ms. Mint goes, as I said in our previous discussions I absolutely do not want it to be Cheok Hee so I’m hoping that it is her sister. I don’t know what is going on in Busan, but I don’t want to dislike Cheok Hee’s sister more. I hope it’s nothing too serious. Cheok Hee has enough to deal with as is.

Tiara: Purse Girl does have a recording which could break open the mystery behind Mi Ri's evil deeds and what the heck truly went down three years ago. I’m not certain she’s going to get the house she wants, but my fingers are crossed we get to listen to her damaging message. I’m in agreement with both of you about Ms. Mints. Sis has to have been the one on the train. I wouldn’t put it past the drama to put a twist on the story. I can visualize the drama saying little Sis came up with the idea because of an accident she was in as a child. Her big Sis feed her mint candy to help her pass off. I hope Dad didn’t lose the business because of his youngest. He seems like a good parent and it would sadden me to watch him lose everything. Yet, it could be more beneficial to have Dad in Seoul with his daughter. They do need to spend more father daughter time and maybe add some time with his “future” son-in-law. They could “fight” crimes together.

Unnichan: *sigh* Welp. Gotta wait another week to find out but like you said, the war is just getting started. I’m just hoping we won’t have too long a separation between our lovebirds (you know it’s coming, right?). ‘Cause it was too fun watching Jung Woo be the best boyfriend on the planet.

Tiara: So what will it be, a man who can lead the wrist or grabs by the ankles? Will you look at the wrist grab in a new light? Will Sunbae be a dutiful son and marry the girl of his father's choosing? How long will Jung Woo and Cheok Hee stay in the honeymoon phase? Will Mom think of Soo Ah differently when she finds out her turn to the dark side? What is Mi Ri's secret? Get the discussion started below. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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