Tiara: It’s down to the last 4 episodes of Divorce Lawyer in Love. Characters have made their bed and now must lie in it. It’s about consequences for the actions/choices our characters have made. We’ve got much to talk about as Cheok Hee won’t accept Jung Woo’s proposal, Soo Ha comes clean, Min Gyu is broke, and Mi Ri’s secret comes to light. Come join our heated debate with Jaz, Unnichan, and me.

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Tiara: It’s the week of consequences. It seems our characters are learning the hard way their actions will come back to bite them. Let’s start off with poor Min Gyu. He has all his prized possessions taken away from him. Seems like dear daddy is a bit upset and has slowly been taking away his “bad son’s toys”. What did you think about Sunbae dealing with his choice of breaking off the marriage between BF and DK Group?

Unnichan: Sunbae growing up my be the second best thing that will come from this drama. Finally recognizing that everything he “owed” has a price is possibly his most valuable takeaway… well besides falling in love. Min Gyu has always been the best character to me and he continues to prove that he was so worthy of my liking him from the very start. He’s a good man and he’s growing into someone that others can rely on. I think he’s always thought that money was the cushion that created a soft place to fall for those dependent on him but you need more than just money. I’m loving the way he’s taken his relationships seriously and thought of Soo Ah immediately when he realized all his assets were dwindling. He’s just growing up so fast and so well, I’m so proud of him! *tear*

Jazmine: I really felt for Sunbae this week. He’s feeling the consequences for his actions but he hasn’t gone back on his decision and even though it’s tough for him to not have those materialistic possessions. His entire lifestyle is changing. However, I hope that that his relationship with his father can mend. I feel like it’s really bad, but not beyond repair. Min Gyu’s father can learn from him in some aspects. I also like Sunbae and Soo Ah’s relationship. I think they’re really great friends for each other.

Tiara: This week has brought back the Sunbae we love. I love how Min Gyu hasn’t backed down from his determination to not marry into DK Group. Once his father started taking over all his “toys”, he realized the importance his choice made. Min Gyu hasn’t really worked a day in his life and it’s interesting to see him fall. Much like Cheok Hee has learned to become a better lawyer, I believe Sunbae is learning to become a better person/human. I can’t wait to watch him earn a livelihood for himself without the backing of his father. I’m glad he’s not going backwards to his father asking for forgiveness and willing to cast his own happiness away. I agree his relationship with Soo Ah was touching. He still wanted to take care of her despite not being able to do so for himself. A well rounded character is nice to witness.

Unnichan: I also felt the advice Madame Ma gave was great for him as well. She has virtually been a monster but she knows how her world works and she sees him for who he is. I don’t like that she tried to use and exploit that but now that their martial entanglement is gone, she can be completely sincere in her wisdom and I appreciated that. Her words resonated so well, that he was able to share them with Soo Ah, who needed them equally as much. I don’t think that finally coming clean has completely cleared her in my mind but I do know this show has consistently found a way to take the blow out of every twist. And in this case, that’s good news for Soo Ah because even when (or if) Jung Woo finds out she knew, he’ll be so happy to have Cheok Hee, he won’t have time or energy to be upset.

Jazmine: I was so surprised with Madame Ma, her advice was pretty needed. I was happy that Soo Ah came clean, but not happy that she came clean to Cheok Hee. She got scared because she couldn’t face Jung Woo, and though I understood her fear for Jung Woo’s reaction, whatever reaction she got was deserved because she put herself in that situation. I am excited that the truth is out though.

Tiara: Soo Ah did the right thing by coming clean. She should’ve been the one to talk to Jung Woo, but it was a gratifying moment for Cheok Hee and him to have without the complications. Soo Ah isn’t out of the dog house yet. She’s got some explaining to do. She clearly told Jung Woo Ms Mint was dead and her family didn’t want to be contacted.

Unnichan: I suppose if thinking about consequences, Soo Ah’s largest one will be losing what she was trying so hard to keep. No, she won’t lose Jung Woo’s friendship or Mi Hwa Ahjumma’s love but in her own way she was always living falsely. She pretended, she didn't want to be viewed as perfect, yet basking in their praise. And though, she acted as though she just wanted to be treated like a friend, she always coveted more. Ahjumma did well this week telling her that she’s her child, regardless of who or what she is and I think, in the end, that is all Soo Ah needed. I still am not sure what she was trying to accomplish all this time one-sidedly pining after Jung Woo, but I know we can all breathe better now that she’s given her last piece of him to Cheok Hee.

Jazmine: After Soo Ah said again that she tried for 26 years (when she didn’t really try), and how it took her three times to pass the bar….she kept talking like her perseverance alone was supposed to somehow give her what she wanted. She studied for the bar exam, but she only stood silently by Jung Woo. That being said, it finally clicked for me that Soo Ah is trying to cope with not only time wasted but that she cannot have what she’s alway wanted. It makes her seem a little entitled, but she tries so hard not to be.

Tiara: I’m happy with how the subway accident has come to past. Like last week with the simple confirming of Cheok Hee as Ms Mints, I found their hidden past to be the catalyst she needed. She spent most of the episodes denying Jung Woo’s proposal until the man she gave back by saving him is the person she’s in love with. How can one say no when fate has played its hand not once but twice?

Unnichan: I too am glad with how everything with the subway has wrapped up. I was thinking that Cheok Hee’s hang up was more about relying on someone else and I was glad to see her cop to that. She and Jung Woo have a love story that was determined to play out and though marriage is pretty scary, no one can tell you how it will all turn out. You have to learn to trust and work together for what you want your marriage and life together to look like.

Jazmine: Even though I was vehemently against Cheok Hee being Ms. Mints I really liked the way the show handled everything. I’m also happy the subway accident is wrapped up. I feel like now we can focus on the other craziness happening. At first I thought that Cheok Hee was gonna deny him another time for some silly dramaland reason, but I’m so happy that she decided to marry Jung Woo. Their relationship has come so far it makes me so happy!

Tiara: I loved how patient Jung Woo was with Cheok Hee. He wanted to show her the benefits of being a marital pair. Good thing Jung Woo picked up on her being afraid of the possibility. It’s interesting to discover it was Cheok Hee who is afraid of marriage instead of Jung Woo. Considering he’s has seen first hand, divorce, it’s Cheok Hee who causes fear of making a promise with him. You’re right when it comes to her not being able to ask for assistance. She clearly didn’t know how to handle the Mi Ri situation until Jung Woo pointed out the group was back together again.

Unnichan: You bring up a good point. And I think it comes down to Jung Woo being a romantic. He’s practical but he certainly likes to look at all the positive sugary things before considering the sour. It’s why we love him and exactly who Cheok Hee needs, because her pragmatism is what made her so grouchy and hard to stomach initially. I like how both characters' traits have mellowed over the course of this drama and become beneficial for all involved. Once, Cheok was in her new office, I immediately thought everyone just needs to set up camp with her. Sunbae is dropping fast and they are all better when they work together. It’s a theme of this drama but I love that it’s not trite or sermonized but easily woven in, to the point that you can’t think how any of them would ever choose the solo route again.

Jazmine: I thought it was really sweet of Jung Woo to take Cheok Hee’s apprehension into consideration. A lot of other men may have taken it personal, but he took the time to understand why she didn’t want to get married and then took considerate measures to try to persuade her but not to coerce her. Also, I agree Unnichan! I think everyone needs to move on over to Cheok Hee’s office. I was so happy to see the original four back together!

Tiara: I was saddened to see Cheok Hee leave the office, but you’re right about Sunbae. I think everyone needs to abandon ship and move over to her office, including Min Gyu. The whole band needs to get back together. The friendship and teamwork as you pointed out is one of the great things about the drama. The interaction between the characters gives the drama a bounce to it’s step. Sunbae gave Cheok Hee a chance by giving her a job, I don’t see why he can’t join her practice. Mostly, I just want to see Min Gyu work like a normal person. There’s a big battle up ahead and having the whole team back might help them win the war.

Unnichan: Uh yeah… the battle. Talk about consequences! Mi Ri kept throwing around the fact someone might die if Cheok Hee continues digging but the truth is someone has already died because she didn’t dig from the beginning. I know Mi Ri’s a concerned mother, but regardless of what is happening with Woo Ram, what she did to her husband was duplicitous, even if she may want to blame it all on his sister. I get that most likely she made her choice based on strong arming from both sides but that does not excuse the aftermath. And in reality, she sacrificed one child’s happiness and future, for another’s. Woo Ram is sick, he needs surgery and treatment but I just don’t think saddling herself with that leech Jo Yoo Sang is the best or only way. Though I do love the twist.

Jazmine: Leech is really good way to describe Jo Yoo Sang. He really is a life sucker. The more we learned about him the more disgusted I became. How could not even try to help his own son? I think Mi Ri has a lot of blame to take in this situation, but I also feel like she’s been hurt too. Woo Ram is also my top concern , he’s been dragged into all of this by his parents and it’s so sad. In the end, I hope they do what’s best for him.

Tiara: I have to admit I didn’t see this revelation. We’ve been seeing Mi Ri as this complete villain, but in reality she’s a victim. Her choices haven’t been the wisest, but she stuck between a hard place and a rock. I’m confused why she couldn’t have explained to her ex-husband about her ill kid. It didn’t seem like he was a monster who would deny her anything, despite her faults or bad choices. It’s a tad shocking to see this cold headed woman fall apart when it comes to the helplessness of her child. She’s been acting this whole time. The guilt is going to catch up with her at some point. Still, I can empathize with her character after seeing her be threatened over the life of her child.

Unnichan: The only real victims I see are the children in this situation because their parents have made some awful choices in the name of love, whether for their kids or themselves. We don’t really know what Mr. Ma knew and perhaps, that is the biggest mystery of all. He wasn’t someone that would stand up to his sister so it’s possible he knew but wanted to keep Woo Ram secret? Perhaps to keep his sister at bay? Because though we are led to believe it was just her dishing monies over to Woo Ram, it may have come from them both. Like I said, I don’t doubt her final decision to drop Ma was based on Joo Sang but it’s probably got to do with her freak out on the video.

Jazmine: I agree with you Tiara, Mi Ri is sort of a victim in this too. I also wonder why she didn’t tell her husband she had a child. I know that can be frowned upon when trying to get married, but still...it’s her child. I feel like she was a little selfish when she found Mr. Ma, but also she may used him to get status and therefore become an advocate for bone marrow transplants. There’s so much more to this story and I cannot wait for it to be revealed.

Tiara: As for Jo Yoo Sang, what a complete douchebag. The Father of the Year award does not go to him. Here’s a man with some problems. What’s his endgame by demanding to be married to Mi Ri? It doesn’t look like he cares much about her after experiencing them together in the hospital. Is this altogether for his career? I get the feeling this is about greed.

Unnichan: That man is a wonder. From what I gather he even hid his own son to get his way. He has latched himself onto Mi Ri for a skyrocket to stardom and could care less about anything else. I was honestly shocked to see how callous he really was. It’s true they have been acting the entire time and while I never thought he was some great guy--- where you thought he was trying to protect Mi Ri and their family, he was truly just trying to protect himself. The web is thick with these people but I’m glad Cheok Hee and Jung Woo are on the case. I am so ready to find out what malice DK and BF Group were up to set such things in motion. This week tied up so many things and leads us right into a pretty interesting finale.

Tiara: All the loose ends have been tied up as we head into the final two episodes. Our real villain has stood up, but things are not as clean cut as we might have imagined. There are children's lives at stake. The relationship between DK and BF Group is a complicated creature. It will be interesting to find out if these two will shake hands once again or if they simply shoot down one another. Nevertheless, it is clear they will both play a part in the final battle. I with you, Unnichan. The finale is gearing up to be a pretty impactful episode.

Tiara: I proceed to be surprised with this drama week to week. I love watching the development of the characters. Cheok Hee by far is the biggest growth from episode one. She’s softening into a loveable lead you root for. Jung Woo has gained an amount of confidence as not just a lawyer, but as a man. They both really complement each other quite well. One of the ingredients I enjoy from the OTP is the teamwork they have with one another. Min Gyu has grown a place in my heart. I actually can’t wait to watch him become like the common people and work for his supper. Soo Ah’s conscience seems to be in the form of Jung Woo’s mom. Ahjumma continues to tell her how wonder of a daughter she has when it truth she hasn’t. She’s been jealous and has lied to the two people who care for her. It’s a little too late in my book and the only character that has never wowed me. Mi Ri not being the real villain was a nice switch up. I feel sympathetic towards her knowing the reasons behind her actions where a sick child. She’s guilty for being a hand in her ex-husband’s death, but it’s nice to know she didn’t serve it out of venom and viciousness. It’s going to be an interesting final two hours with all the key elements into place. I can’t wait to see Team Chucky kick some butt in the final. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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