Welcome back, Drama Clubbers to the wonderful finale of Divorce Lawyer in Love! We have a very gratifying build-up and ending to a magnificent story! Join Tiara, Unnichan. and me as we discuss the ending and how our favorite characters ended up

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Jazmine: It’s the end! Our wonderful drama has come to a close with very few loose ends, thankfully. So to jump right into it….we have to start with Mi Ri’s case. What an unexpected turn it took for me. Yoo Sang really turned out to be more than evil, but a blackmailing abuser as well.I really felt for Mi Ri. Everything she did, she did for her child. What did you ladies think?

Tiara:I have to admit I liked the slow reveal of the drama’s true villain. The primary story was always about Mi Ri and what the truth behind the whole divorce, only the drama never forced it down our throats. Yoo Sang is just a scumbag for threatening Mi Ri with the welfare of her child. He came a villain in the genuine sense of the word and everyone gott “together” to defeat him. I can’t convey how much I relished not having to live each episode with a mustache twirling villain.

Unnichan: That is certainly true. I do feel however, that exonerating Mi Ri of all wrongdoing didn’t fly with me but I’m glad in the end, the truth was revealed for Mr. Ma’s sake. If there was an adult victim in this situation I’d certainly cast my vote his way. He loved a woman, provided for her to the best of knowledge and ability. And in the end, everyone was able to see the extent of his affection for her. Plus we got the answers to our burning questions and hey, no one can complain about that.

Jazmine: I also enjoyed the slow reveal. Everything came together piece by piece and with perfect timing. And speaking of Mr. Ma….I was almost in tears when everything was revealed about he still cared for Woo Ram. He really was the most unfortunate in this entire case. His love for Mi Ri was real but wasn’t realized. It was heartbreaking! I also really applaud Madame Ma these past few episodes. I mean, I didn’t really like her but she redeemed herself over the course of the drama. She also played a very important role in how things got revealed. I liked that.

Tiara: Mi Ri isn’t getting pardoned for her offenses. She asked if Madame Ma if she could take in her daughter and Woo Ram. The police are investigating her which she knows will means some time in the big house. As for Me Ris husband, I’m heartbroken over the cause for his demise. However, he knew her secret and kept quiet instead of communicating with his wife. If he told her, the end could have turned out differently. I mean her ex-husband could’ve protected her from Yoo Sang. Min Gyu’s dad is no joke in the court room.

Unnichan: Narratively speaking Mi Ri was cast as a victim and what she did to her family (her daughter and husband) as justified for one child while, disregarding the other. Overall, I just found it hard to swallow.The entire situation spun out of control based on poor, short sighted decisions made by everyone involved. But mentioning Min Gyu and In Jae, I was very glad that they were given an ending to their arc that made complete sense and worked for their characters and their relationship. In Jae always wanted his son actually “working” with him and now, they have that bridge to build on.

Jazmine: Mi Ri shouldn’t be pardoned, but I just can’t see her as evil as I did before. The drama humanized her in many ways. I feel like there should have been more dialogue and honesty throughout the entire drama, but then this wouldn’t be a drama. And yes! I was so happy that Min Gyu and In Jae patched things up. It made my heart swell. They can start over in a way and that’s good. I also liked the way things ended with Soo Ah too. She still annoys me, but I also feel that she’s one of those characters that redeemed herself a little. She’s matured since everything that happened. The congratulations she gave to Jung Woo for his marriage proved that. Also, did the drama leave a little creative interpretation that Min Gyu and Soo Ah might end up together down the line? It wasn’t inferred or anything, but their interaction was nice as the end. If anything they comforted each other throughout the drama, I wouldn’t mind if their relationship stayed platonic.

Tiara: I’m happy In Jae didn’t give his son all his “toys” back. Granted, he should have done this years ago with his son. Seeing Min Gyu be a grown up adult is pretty entertaining. I could watch episodes of him trying to learn how to pay his bills and walking to work, catching the bus or subway. A bridge has been built for father and son to find a new understanding of each other. A fitting end for these two. What can I say about Soo Ah? She managed well by trying to explain to Mi Hwa not to hate Cheok Hee because of her. She wasn’t my favorite character and still isn’t, but I like her friendship with Min Gyu. When she’s trying to decide to stay or move, it’s Min Gyu with some sound advice which makes her consider. His character balances the parts of Soo Ah which just annoying and frustrate me. In the conclusion, I’m glad she able to move on past her feelings to Jung Woo. If those two can be friends, Jung Woo won’t allow her to become a stranger with all her associations with his mom and with Min Gyu.

Unnichan: Sunbae not knowing how to pay a bill was equal parts hilarious and frustrating wasn’t it? However, it was wonderful to watch him appreciate what he had, what he has now and learn to earn what he desires in the future. He and Soo Ah were always a better option in my book and if they were to get closer, that would be a great thing for both of them I think. I do like that we didn’t get an confirmation on that though, like many things in this story. Even the way they dealt with Mi Hwa Ahjumma worked because she didn’t come around entirely, nor did they force her to do so, either by manipulation or reveals. It ties in very well with how they chose to highlight the beauty of working and sustaining love over using fate as a fallback.

Jazmine: Oh my goodness Tiara, let’s write to the creators and see if we can’t get a mini-series of Sunbae trying to figure out how to survive doing adult things. I am also happy with the way Cheok Hee and Jung Woo handled Mi Hwa Ahjumma. In my head it seemed like telling her that Cheok Hee was Ms. Mint was the route to go, but I liked the way they did it much better. She’s slowly start to come around and then I think she deserves to know. Part of me just wants every truth to be exposed! And speaking of our wonderful leads, how about their ending? Cheok Hee accepted Jung Woo’s marriage proposal, but they still had very different ideals on what an actual wedding should look like. In the end, I felt like Jung Woo compromised more, but it was worth it I guess.

Tiara:I concur with both of you about Mi Hwa Ahjumma. I’m glad the drama didn’t push her into loving Cheok Hee, because she saved her son. Instead, Cheok Hee wants to win her over with her charms. She was able to win Jung Woo, it’s only a matter of time before Mi Hwa Ajhumma has another daughter to show off. I did hope it slipped about who saved him, however, maybe she figured it out with Jung Woo’s new availability to ride the subway. As for our couple, I’m pretty happy with the end and new beginnings. Yes, Jung Woo had to compromise on a bunch of matters. Yet, Cheok Hee had a point when it comes to marriage and having a big and fancy wedding isn’t realistic. A marriage is tough work and not a fairy tale where the ending is the wedding. The wedding is just the beginning to working together through the good and bad times.

Unnichan: Compromise. The cornerstone of relationships. I wish there had been a lot more compromise on Cheok Hee’s part though. There are just some things you should be willing to let go for the people you love. I did however, love the wedding announcement and found it completely perfect and the epitome of Jung Woo’s thoughtfulness regarding Cheok Hee. We also got a confession from Mi Hee (FINALLY) and not a moment too soon. The show found a way to make their resolutions work in ways that felt real and justified(in most cases). All relationships weren’t patched up with smiling faces and family dinners but with positivity and peace. I like that.

Jazmine: Part of me really wanted to see Cheok Hee walk down the aisle to Jung woo, but I suppose I’ll have to settle for that moment when she was in the wedding dress. I also really loved the wedding announcement. It was heartwarming and I’m glad that they were able to share their definition of marriage with those close, which actually is what a wedding is. It’s a celebration of ther marriage It worked. When it comes to Mi Hee, I was so thankful for her confession. Honestly, I had forgotten about it momentarily because of all the other craziness, but it made me feel happy for both Cheok Hee and Mi Hee. They needed that conversation to happen so that their relationship can begin to heal. Mi Hee spent a lot of hating Cheok Hee, I hope this is beginning of her starting to love her sister.

Tiara: Did you notice the Chucky doll on the wedding announcement? I was about to die of laughter. Jung Woo totally knows her to include her doll. It was super sweet of him to have had the announcements drawer up the way he did. I’m right there with you two about Mi He finally realizes where her mom and Cheok He were coming from. The relationship isn’t completely healed between sisters, but it’s a respectable beginning. She’s going to help her dad and I hope to ask for his forgiveness for her behavior. It seems she got a lot to think about for her actions and possibly down the road will be able to forgive her mom and Cheok Hee.

What did you think of the finale? Was it what you wanted or were you expecting more? How do you think the characters turned out? Let us know in the comments below!


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