Jazmine: Welcome back Drama Clubbers for a funny and romantic episode of Divorce Lawyer in Love! This week we're discussing the intricate relationship developing between our four main characters, not to mention a steamy first kiss as well!! 

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Unnichan: Well guys, this week there are several developments in the romance department and rather quick and solid developments, if you ask me. But one thing was certainly clear, our characters and their clients needed a whole heap of courage to make a few things happen. Relationships aren’t easy to start or maintain and we all need a little push with a dash of gumption to take those steps to have the things we want.

Tiara: It was a week of romance, kisses, roses, and the green-eyed monster of jealousy for our cast. I can’t tell if Cheok Hee has just softened as a character or I’m just used to her personality. Either way, I’m digging her character growth with each episode. She lacks guts at first to admit her feelings towards Jung Woo had changed, but she’s no longer denying it. She has embraced her emotions towards Jung Woo, but as it happens in dramaland she thinks he’s dating Soo Ah. It was exciting to see her gain the nerves to go confess to Jung Woo. Her antics with Min Gyu just make me giggle, despite her having to keep her emotions to herself.

Jazmine: I was kinda laughing the entire time that Cheok Hee was going through her antics about liking Jung Woo. It was cute watching her go from "no, he doesn't like me" to "I'll give him a chance". I thought it was cute, and it shows how easy it is to charm Cheok Hee. Flattery seems to get you far with her. I also agree Tiara. Cheok Hee's character growth is going at a great rate and I am excited to see who she becomes at the end. It's funny how inadvertently Jung Woo's  "Taming of the Shrew" kinda worked. 

Unnichan: I was shocked at how fast her feelings have grown and cemented. She goes from thinking it’s impossible to being flattered, then full-blown into the guy. And though usually I might find this a little too convenient, it worked for me because she kept pondering it. And by mulling it over, was able to be honest with herself about the positive qualities she sees in Jung Woo (plus Daddy’s approval stamp helped, I’m sure). She’d already lightened toward him last week and even with her misunderstanding this week, I think she was able to pinpoint her own insecurities as the manning factor in that situation. Their largest problem was resolved just as quickly as well, but in a way that moved them in a place of better understanding the way the other thinks and feels, over it being glossed over or unnecessarily played up as a romantic angle. Simply because, they’d already begun to like one another without the resolution from the past. I like that. Because not everything should be cleared up, or even truly needs it and that was the case here, in my opinion.

Tiara: I’m not complaining about how fast it took our leads to get interested in each other. Considering their “bad past”, I’m glad all the misunderstandings are cleared and no longer holding these two back from the possibility. I do see your point, Unnichan at the quickness for feelings to develop. For me, I’m not sure if it just developed. There’s a fine line between love and hate and these two had a lot of it within the first few episodes. With that being said, Cheok Hee finding out Jung Woo didn’t rat her out, her anger turned into an apology. She stopped seeing red and starting to see him as a person, a man, and even a lawyer. It was Min Gyu who was pointing out her feelings. He figured out the friend of a friend was her and Jung Woo. He helped put her feelings on the spot to think it out loud.

Jazmine: I was also surprised at how quickly Cheok Hee just accepted feelings for Jung Woo. I certainly thought that she would make him work for it before actually saying yes but like I said earlier, I think she was just flattered. She has a bit of an ego. I think after she found out that Jung Woo and Soo Ah are "dating" she came back down off cloud nine. I think she's more in the crush stage and realizing her like for Jung Woo, and I think that's developing into real feelings. I was elated that the whole ratting out misunderstanding as resolved. I do not like when dramas hold onto problems that can be easily resolved, so I am happy that that's dealt with.

Unnichan: Though I don’t believe the line between love and hate is thin or easy to cross, infatuation takes on many forms and for these two, their arguing and remaining irritated with one another was based on interest and that infatuation shifted from negative, to positive. And that makes all us fans happy. I’m not sure whether Min Gyu figured it out or not, because I’m fairly certain he was going to tell her how he’s been feeling, when he called her over that night, 'cause was pretty deflated once she mentioned Jung Woo but this is where biting the bullet comes into play for he and Soo Ah. I appreciated that he let his friend have her meltdown, but I think it was equally important to let her know being her fake boyfriend (though his idea) wasn’t all he was after. Sure, he wanted to help her, but there are tons of other ways besides staking claim on her, fake or otherwise. It's better to be straightforward because when you're not, you find yourself a step behind and I think Sunbae and Soo Ah will get a strong taste of that bitter pill very soon.

Tiara: A happy fan, I am after these episodes. I do love a good romantic comedy, even if the plot is spoiled. As long as the drama keeps me happy with sunshine and kisses, I can forgive to a point on badness. Min Gyu was totally being the friend, however I felt he was enjoying Cheok Hee’s dilemma of admitting her feelings because he was bored. It doesn’t require much to make Min Gyu bored. He was having fun being the fake boyfriend because it amused him. It wasn’t until Jung Woo kissed Cheok Hee that caused Min Gyu to turn greenish. Remember, this is a guy who buys things just because it’s worth money and he only has it. I’m however not sure if Min Gyu wants Cheok Hee, because she’s worth something to people like his dad and Jung Woo.

Jazmine: I am a little frustrated about this whole fake boyfriend thing. Last time we chatted I was shipping Min Gyu and Cheok Hee, and though I do secretly enjoy their fake boyfriend/girlfriend interactions I wish those interactions would have happened in a different way. Nothing good is going to come out of this fake relationship as we can already tell. I'm with you Tiara, I don't know if Min Gyu has actual feelings for Cheok Hee or just if he's upset because he doesn't want her to be with Jung Woo?? I can judge Min Gyu's actual feelings for Cheok Hee yet. 

Unnichan: I believe Sunbae understands the value of people and relationships (remember that moment with the ice-cream?), he just doesn’t pursue anything that isn’t shallow. He’d rather stick with things money can buy. He may not have been jealous until the kiss, but I definitely think he had intentions and feelings before then. However, I will agree that he isn’t someone that can be trusted in the love department. He has to deal with his issues with his dad before I would ever see him ready or capable of a real relationship and I think even he knows that. The problem now is, he may believe he’s found someone that makes him want to try and that, I believe has a lot to do with the competition, even though he does genuine admire Cheok Hee as a person and lawyer. But speaking of a challenge, what did you think of Soo Ah’s confrontation with Cheok Hee?

Tiara: I really like So Ah’s character to a degree. I love her strength and kindness. Her ability to interact and keep Min Gyu entertained and goof off with Jung Woo, says a lot about her as a character. The one problem I have with her is her lack of nerve to tell Jung Woo she’s been crushing on him since like forever. I get it’s a big step to confess to someone who’s your best friend, but she’s also kept secret how Jung Woo was able to finish Law School. Nevertheless, she was able to mark her territory in front of Cheok Hee which makes me want to pull my hair. Any relationship needs to have truth. I’m betting her secret will come back to bite her.

Jazmine: Soo Ah is definitely becoming a favorite character of mine. I already liked her character, but the fact that she was able to confront Cheok Hee directly and not do anything too shady makes me really happy. No one likes backstabbing villains, and though I don't think Soo Ah was meant to be a villain, she is our second female lead. Usually their depicted to be vicious little things, but I am happy that Soo Ah is of a different breed. Her confrontation with Cheok Hee was just enough to get her point across. I also want her to woman up and tell Jung Woo about her feelings, but I feel like we'll be waiting awhile for that.

Unnichan: Oh there’s no doubt about that, Tiara! Especially given it keeps coming up and even she mentioned it when she paid for Cheok Hee’s cab. Like I said last week, I knew I’d feel some type of way once we found out whether she was taking Mysterious Ms. Mint Drop’s case because of Jung Woo, and now that we know she is, I hate knowing she is headed for disappointment. I am bothered by several things concerning Soo Ah and the things she does or doesn’t do but everything about her screams, sad second lead. I think it’s safe to say, the reason she’s never said anything to Jung Woo about her feelings is out of concern and courtesy for his trauma, however, her hesitation and ambiguity is the one thing that makes their future impossible. She’s been waiting for something that was never guaranteed and even now with the glimmer of hope from this case, she’s waiting for a payoff that is bound to never be fulfilled. And even with all of that, what bothered me the most were her conversations with Sunbae and Cheok Hee. She insinuated herself into Cheok Hee’s personal business and alluded to a completely platonic relationship and feelings with Jung Woo to Sunbae. I didn’t like it.

Tiara: Soo Ah’s character is completely the sad second lead. I scarcely hope for our sakes the drama doesn’t add bitterness. I will not stand for a nasty second lead who I want to punch in the face every moment she’s on screen. I’ve just finished a drama with one and I could use a break. Speaking of mint candy, Jung Woo is desperate to find Ms. Mint Drop. What are your thoughts on his emotions towards the mystery candy lady? Is it a hero worship he has towards Ms. Mint or is there something else?

Jazmine: I think it's hero worship, but also a high degree of curiosity. Sure, Jung Woo wants to thank the woman that saved his life, but I think he has a lot of questions. Questions about Ms. Mint and questions that maybe more complicated for her to answer. I'm not too sure what his desperation will lead to though. If she has passed away I think he'll be so devastated because he had all this hope. He also has this vision of her in his head....I mean, she seems to be a kind person but time changes people. I'm just worried that he'll be more hurt than satisfied.

Unnichan: I won’t go as far as hero worship but she is the one person that he made connection with that day, through her “kindness.” He wants to meet her and thank her like anyone would. That day, halted his life and that moment was shared with her. I do think he’s romanticized her a bit in his mind, but the desire is normal and plausible. It was great he was given a nudge to conquer his subway phobia this week from No Kiss Hubby because it was used as yet another opportunity for Cheok Hee and Jung Woo to learn more about one another. These mints come in handy and in their own way symbolize the courage to push himself for Jung Woo and I appreciate them being one of his life “likes” list because of that.

Tiara: A great thank you to No Kiss Hubby for giving our OTP their first smooch. Jung Woo’s heart sure was beating after his “no emotion” kiss. Like Cheok Hee, Jung Woo had to figure out his own issues. My favorite scene was the subway pep talk. It was a sweet trick to help Jung Woo to move past his overthinking mind about the subway. Like you said Unnichan, it gave these two a chance to ascertain more about one another. The lesson Jung Woo learned from No Kiss Hubby was a nifty bit of advice he took to heart. He isn’t going to let something he fears take what he can’t live without. His courage to chase after Cheok Hee and Min Gyu to the subway was a great moment. Who knows, perhaps he will be able to depend upon the subway without freaking out.

Jazmine: I really like the No Kiss Hubby case. It was so sweet in how it turned out, and what drove the hubby to actually kiss his wife. I also liked the lessons Jung Woo learned. It's so great to see his character development alongside Cheok Hee's. I think Jung Woo is making good progress in overcoming his phobia. I was so shocked to see him tackle head on after talking with No Kiss Hubby. Even though he didn't succeed he was still so brave for trying in the first place. 

Unnichan: He’s inching toward recovery and I think he believes meeting Mint Drop will help. I definitely didn’t believe Jung Woo would make the leap to confession so soon or easily but I loved that he attempts to take that chance in the heat of the moment this week. It’s important to go after what you want, the only thing that has my brows furrowed is right now, he and Cheok Hee think the other is in a relationship. That is serious business. Now of course, they both also know, they (themselves) are single so they wouldn’t be cheating or choosing someone over another--- it’s just interesting to me that he follows after them with the intention to tell her his feelings, in spite of all that. I love the way he did it though, because the way he chose was something only the two of them would understand, making it sweet and intimate, but it doesn’t negate the fact her boyfriend was standing right beside her.

Tiara: This has got to be my favorite of any confession ever done. It was simple and not flashy. The fact it is something only the two of them would understand makes it more potent. Yeah, it is a tad odd the characters would confess to someone they think is in a relationship. The silent confession reminds me of Love Actually and the famous flip cards. It was a quiet and sweet moment, which didn’t change anything to the girl he confessed, but he needed to get it off his chest. Unlike that character, Jung Woo actually has a chance with Cheok Hee. We know Min Gyu is suppose to marry into an important family which is why I felt this wasn’t going to end well when his feelings started to show up. Yet this scene could be a game changer for Jung Woo and Cheok Hee.

Jazmine: His confession was just the greatest! It was so sweet and so subtle, I think I almost missed it. It means a lot more than just something that they could only understand. To me, him being near the subway station was enough but to actually follow them to the point where he almost got on the subway was just touching. He's willing risk a lot for Cheok Hee. That not only shows during his confession, but in the past when he worked for her as well. I am excited to see how both Cheok Hee and Min Gyu react. Apart of me think Cheok Hee will be toouched and Min Gyu might do a something a little shady. We'll see!

How do you think the relationships between our four main characters will progress from here? Let us know in the comments below!


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