After Divorce Lawyers, Yao Chen and Wu Xiubo became the most popular stars for variety shows in China. Two leads now are very focused with their new debut in variety shows.

Yao Chen

Yao Chen officially showed herself in Chinese version of Running Man in Guangzhou. It is the second season for Chinese version of Running Man, which gained tremendous popularity last year. The second season started from the theme park there. The reporters also caught Yao Chen at the airport, looking tired after shooting. 

Besides Running Man, Yao Chen was pretty occupied recently. She is the host of another variety show called Dream Maker in China. She was the mentor of a team to fight against the other three mentors, who are also top stars such as Carina Lau, Jiang Wen, and Hung Huang. 

Wu Xiubo

While Yao Chen is running, her partner Wu Xiubo is also quite busy. First he started his career as a host in the new variety show called Happy Comedians. Then he got invited to join in the third season of Where Are We Going Dad? (Chinese version)

He is quite talented. His last performance on Hunan TV's I Am a Singer was with Li Jian, one of the best and most creative singers in China. They cooperated to sing a beautiful song, called “Friends Coming First"

Well, here is the video about Li Jian and Wu Xiubo singing Li Jian's own song "By the Lake of Beierjia." It is quite a relaxed song. Their fans comment on their performance. How do you like it?

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