If there are two things almost everyone on this planet loves, it's sushi and pillows. So, it's only natural that when combined, they make just about the cutest couch decor ever. Luckily, we can all now make our very own sushi pillows without even picking up a needle and thread!

Peppy and talented YouTube star Lauren of LaurDIY gives you step by step instructions with fun and detailed commentary on how to create an adorable sushi pillow in one of her latest videos:

This DIY requires just a few simple materials that you can pick up during a quick trip to the craft store, and not much of your time at all! Lauren clearly shows each step in the video, making it easy to follow along for even the clumsiest crafters.

The face is totally optional, but could you really leave it out?

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Make sure to visit Lauren's channel for more fun and simple fashion/accessory DIYs, and let us know if you're going to give this one a try!