Like Asian pop music? Like EDM? World famous Swedish DJ Alesso flips his songs and adds new vocals and it turns out he's collaborated with Taiwanese and Korean singers as well! 

He first worked with Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai to swap the original vocals of his hit summer song"I Wanna Know" earlier this year. You can hear the feminine version of the song here and watch the video of the Alesso and Jolin kill it with this rendition of the summer hit:

Then to spice things up, Alesso collaborated with EXO's Chen using Korean vocals while attending IMS Asia-Pacific in Shanghai. The two reworked another Alesso hit, "Years". You can listen to the Korean version here and hear Alesso take a stab at speaking a bit of Korean:

The covers are such a fun and refreshing take on the originals! Looking forward to see who Alesso features next! Who do you think would be a good match to work with Alesso?