DMTN's Daniel could land himself in jail if the prosecution has their way. In March, Daniel was booked on drug charges, and on April 30th, at the first trial hearing he admitted to selling and using marijuana. Now at the August 29th trial the prosecutors are not only pushing for Daniel to pay a fine of a little over $6,000 and serve one year in jail!

Daniel's attorney is working to try and get his sentence reduced to just probation by using the “Daniel is American" card. Look, I personally am pretty mad at Daniel, because the music interview show GURUPOP Show with him and San E hosting was hilarious, and DMTN is an awesomely underrated group. A year in jail is going to mess up all of their future comeback plans, (speculating) and obviously there is no GURUPOP Show without Daniel and his use of American slang with Kpop artists who haven’t quite grasped the English language (cracks me up every time).

Now, of course Daniel should have been in dance practice, at a vocal lesson, or maybe even school instead of sitting around achieving a “higher” level of life, but a year is a bit much. He should really just do like a month or two of jail and a year of probation. But then again he should have known better, and he’ll just have to deal with the consequences. And we’ll have to suffer without GURUPOP and his participation in future DMTN activities (-_-)

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE