DMTN member Daniel Choi who was recently sentenced to serve one year in jail on drug charges, is now back in court in hopes of an appeal. Unfortunately Daniel who is an American citizen, was caught using and selling marijuana. On December 19th Daniel stood before a judge with his family and friends, crying for the judge to grant an appeal.

Daniel told the judge he was sorry and was fully aware that what he did was wrong. He described jail as a scary and cold place where he was able to reflect. He told the judge he’ll never break the law again and will “become a young man that is an asset to this country (South Korea).”

Daniels lawyer brought forth evidence of his attempt to change in the form of a college acceptance letter from the states, and even went on to explain Daniels hard childhood of having to deal with his parents’ divorce and living alone in Korea.

Now I don’t want Daniel to have to serve a year in a jail cell either, but I don’t think this judge is buying that sob story because I’m certainly not. This is one of those “side-eye” stories where you hear it and you’re just like “Mmmhmm…Please.”

Pretty sure Daniel wasn't thinking of his parents divorce when he was allegedly taking drug money from his friends, and it's not like he was shipped off to Korea as a punishment; he moved there to become an Idol. However, because of this he now wants to become a teacher so he can prevent young children from making the same mistakes he made. #Mmmhmm

Daniel has a few more court appearances before the judge makes a decision so I'll be sure to update you as information becomes available. For now lets hope the judge buys everything Daniel and his lawyer are telling him!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE