EXO's D.O.and Kim So Hyun shared a sweet kiss under an umbrella for their new film. During a recent press conference for Pure Love at the Lotte Cinema in Seoul, the two stars mentioned one of the highlights from their long filming process. 

D.O. was the first to share his thoughts about the delightful lip-lock: "I′m very curious how it will come out. I am also curious what the audience will think of this scene. It is an important scene. I think this scene really fits with the word first love."

School 2015 actress Kim So Hyun continued the conversation about the heartwarming moment with this message: "It truly is a beautiful scene. I hope many people are looking forward to this scene as it shows how the two characters clicked."

Pure Love, which is a story that focuses on reminiscing about first love and friendship, is scheduled to premiere in South Korean theaters on February 26. Actors Yeon Jun Suk, Lee David, and Joo Da Young join the two stars in the melodrama. 

I have been highly anticipating this film since it was first announced. I loved Kim's and D.O.'s characters in their 2015 K-drama productions, and I'm so excited to see the two collaborate this year. It's too bad this one is a tearjerker, but the pair will no doubt deliver the performances of a lifetime. 

Are you anxious to see this film in theaters next month? Do you think they could possibly take home an on-screen couple award this year?

Watch Kim So Hyun in School 2015:

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