EXO's heartthrob D.O. is so modest when it comes to his acting. During recent promotions for his upcoming movie Pure Love, the 23-year-old idol's acting skills was compared to fellow idol ZE:A's Im Siwan. In response, the EXO Next Door star quickly admitted that he feels his acting isn't even on the same scale with the 27-year-old's superior talent. 

The "Love Me Right" had this to say in a new interview: “Im Siwan is not someone I have the right to be compared to. Im Siwan is more talented at acting than I am."

He explained that he is a fan of Im too. "I saw the drama Misaeng and the movie The Attorney, and I was really surprised just how well he acts. I plan on seeing Thinking of My Older Brother as well, which is currently playing in theaters." 

D.O. concluded with additional praise for his senior in the industry. "I am thankful to be even compared to him. There are these general stereotypes given to idols who act. However, I feel like Im Siwan has shown that these stereotypes aren’t necessarily true. I also wish to help in breaking such prejudices.”

Pure Love, which releases in theaters in South Korea on February 24, is the story of first love and friendships being recounted thorough a old letter a DJ receives during a live broadcast. Kim So HyunYun Joon SukLee David, and Joo Da Young also star in the romantic film.  

D.O. is such a sweetheart! The first time I saw him act was in EXO Next Door. I was really rooting for him to win the girl. He portrayed the nice guy role very well. I'd say they are probably both great at what they do. There is no need to compare because they are different people with their own special traits. 

What do you think about the D.O./ Siwan comparison? 


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