When falling in love, we all have different approaches and strategies for how to capture the hearts of the ones we've fallen for, and according to a recent trend on Japanese social media, the answers to our questions in romance can be answered just by looking at the length of our fingers.

Is he/she into me? How can I tell if he/she likes me? Should I make the first move or should I wait? These types of questions have been pondered since the beginning of time, and the answers have always been up to the gods of fate — until now, that is. Despite there being no scientific evidence whatsoever to back this theory up, young men and women in Japan are attempting to figure out their romantic game plans by looking at the length of their fingers. In Japan, there are two types of people when it comes to courting. One of them is nikushokukei, which literally means meat-eaters, or in other words, the pursuers. The others are called soushokukei, the vegetarians, which are the ones who wait until they get pursued.

So where does finger length get involved in all of this? Well, apparently, if your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you are most probably a nikushokukei type, a meat eater, the kind that aggressively goes after what you want. These types are go-getters, not only in romance, but in all aspects of their lives, as well. And if your index finger is longer than your ring finger, you are a vegetarian, a soushokukei. You are more passive and you enjoy just relaxing instead of being aggressive in achieving your goals. And if your ring and index fingers are the same length? In that case, you're a little bit of both, also called zasshokukei, a freedom-loving party animal. As for how you court lovers, maybe you do a little bit of both approaching and being approached. 

So after looking at your own fingers, the next time you're around whoever you're crushing on, ask them to show you their hands and see how long their fingers are. They may reveal to you the best approach to winning their affection. But don't look at the fingers too long and hard, because then you're bound to just freak out whoever you're in love with. Good luck!

Meat eater fingers:

Veggie fingers

Freedom fingers


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