Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho are slated to star together in the upcoming SBS drama HEIRS, but do they have that special spark? The only other production they have worked together on is an Etude House CF; check out the pictures and videos from the shoot and you be the judge!

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It seems that our Shin Hye and Min Ho are just a bit awkward with each other. In the latter half of this video, as the two sit down for an interview, the interviewer asks, "What do you call each other?" To which Min Ho responds, "We haven't figured it out yet..." So the interviewer asks Shin Hye to say "oppa--" and for Min Ho say "yes, Shin Hye ah--."
Instead, what comes out is
"Yes...Shin Hye ah.. yeah.. uh..."
and "Yes...Min Ho oppa... um..."
Later on, they show a clip of Shin Hye dancing to SNSD's Gee and how good her dancing is, to which Min Ho awkwardly comments on how well she dances and how cute it was.  All very shy and hesitantly, of course.
Awww looks like our couple is just a little bit bashful. I can see the potential for chemistry once they loosen up and get to know each other more--though for now, it's just cute and awkward.
What do you think of the duo? Is the chemistry there or not? Are you excited for HEIRS?