Dokko Jin

For anyone watching Greatest Love - here's a question for you: are you suffering from Dokko Jin love-sickness? Dokko Jin (played by Cha Seung Won) is the latest character from the Hong Sisters' drama world, Best Love. He's narcissistic, selfish, braggadocious, and petty. He's the biggest star to hit Korea and everyone loves him. That is - everyone but Goo Ae Jung (played by Gong Hyo Jin). She has seen his true side. But K-drama trope insists that she will fall in love with him no matter what, so no worries. Dokko Jin is pretty much your typical bad boy. Gone are the rich, cold, arrogant chaebols who don't know how to love because they have had a tough childhood. Now we have the rich, cold, arrogant super stars who don't know love others because they love themselves too much. Secret Garden's Oska was like that, and it took him years before he learned that Yoon Seul was the perfect one for him. As for Dokko Jin, he uses his heart monitor to see if he's in love with someone; if it goes over normal heart rate, he's in love. It's sad to see someone who doesn't know the feeling of "love;" I don't know if I'd rather be an "abandoned as a child and therefore never know love," or "have to scientifically measure love" kind of person. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the trend continues with the upcoming summer drama Spy Myung Wol, where Han Ye Seul plays a North Korean spy who falls in love with a Hallyu actor (Eric Mun). If they make Eric Mun a cold-hearted, big-time actor - we'll know that we have a new K-drama trope to stay. Anyhoo - I do know that I'm in love with Cha Seung Won. Ever since he won my heart in City Hall, I was on his side. How about you? Are you in love with Dokko Jin? Check out Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin's dramas on DramaFever! source: daum