Before I start on this lesson, I just wanted to say: It really helps me when you guys leave words you think should be added/are confused about in the comments, so please continue to do so. Yes, I read them!

Anyway, let's begin:

1. 배고파 Pae-go-pah

This is the Korean word for "I'm hungry!" Often times, you can hear it being used in a questioning tone as well, where the meaning changes to "Are you hungry?" Oppa: Oh, I can hear your stomach! Girl: Pae-go-ah! Buy me dinner, oppa!

2. 진짜 Chin-cha

Wow, I'm not sure how this one didn't come up till now. This phrase means "really?" and is used all the time, both in dramas and real life. Basically, if anything is ever surprising to you, just say this while widening your eyes. Girl: I broke up with my boyfriend so I could date you. Guy: Chin-cha?!

3. 몰라 Mo-la

Also a very common word, mo-la means "I don't know!" Since it's so short and easy to say, people use it quite a bit. Is there a test tomorrow?! Mo-la....

4. 같이Ka-chi

Hmm, this one means "together," but you usually use it in front of another word like "가 (ka)" which means go. So "같이 가" would mean "let's go together!" Oh my gosh, I heard SHINee is having a concert soon! Ka-chi ka!

5. 가자 Ka-ja

If you remember from #4, "가 (ka)" means "go." However, ka-ja means "let's go!" and can be used between friends. The bus is leaving!! Ka-ja!

6. 발리 Bal-ee

Ah, I love this word. I don't know why, but I do. Anyway, bal-ee means "hurry up!" and can often be heard by mothers towards their children. This is definitely a good word to know for when you're trying to get somewhere fast! Kid: -cough cough- I think I'm sick.... Mom: Go to school! BAL-EE!

7. 왜 Wae

I've been hesitant about posting this word since it has so many different meanings depending on circumstances. However, for now we'll just say it means "why?" I'm sure you've all heard this one used many, many times in dramas! Girl: I love someone else. I'm breaking up with you. Guy: Wae?!

8. 안돼 An-dway

This is another tricky one as the meaning varies. For learning purposes, we'll say it means, "it can't be!" or "no way!" It's used in dramas a lot, so hopefully you can catch the various meanings through those! Kid: Can I go to the party? Mom: An-dway!

9. 화이팅 Hwaiting (Fighting)

If you're a Kpop fan, then I know you've heard this one! Hwaiting is the same as "fighting!" since the Korean alphabet doesn't have an "F" sound. It's commonly used to cheer people on! Oh, you have your test tomorrow, right? Hwaiting!!

10. ㅋㅋㅋ kekeke

Okay, this one's not really a word...but it's a Korean basic, so I thought you all should know! Kekeke is basically the same as "hahaha," so if you ever see those "ㅋ's"pop up on someone's phone in a drama (or real life!), you know something funny happened. Or the person just uses it habitually...Text: I just saw you at the bus stop! ㅋㅋㅋ

Whew! And there you have it! Ten more words to add to your vocab list! You guys must be getting pretty good!